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Hel looks upon me,
face half blue.
The damned here stay,
tortured by deah,
bodies cold.
Cold bites cheeks,
ice and snow.
I think of my little sister,
my mind is calm.
My mind is calm and now
I sit in her hall
and she sits against me.
We form bonds by talking
no one sees us two there.
This is a battle without weapons, a war between good and evil.
Hilmar your soul is in danger,
here you are certain to be hurt.
Rejoice, and be careful,
tears freeze in your eyes.
Hilmar, your open heart,
warms up all that is cold.
The mood that men have
hurts them in the end.
Hilmar, Hilmar
clean are your reactions and sharp.
Hilmar, Hilmar
your thoughts logical and sharp.
Hilmar, Hilmar,
courage you inherited.
Hilmar, Hilmar,
do you have what it takes?
Hilmar is good and Hilmar is renowned,
clean are his reactions and sharp.
Hilmar is wise and Hilmar is strong,
clean are his reactions and sharp.
Hilmar is experienced and Hilmar is glad,
courage you inherited.
Hilmar is smart and Hilmar is a man,
do you have what it takes.
This is a battle without weapons, a war between good and evil
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Comentarios del autor:

Icelandic has not evolved much in the past 1000 years and so there are a lot of words that are very old.
Skálmöld is a band that is very good at using older words that are not used often or ever in day to day speech.
This is in my opinion one of the reasons that their lyrics are so great, your really have to think about what they are saying and what they mean.

But this also holds them back somewhat from international fans because to understand the lyrics you have to have a deep understanding of the language that is hard to achive without have been born here.

I know there are many fans of Skálmöld all over the globe and this is great but when you can hear the awesome music but not really understand what they are singing about you sort of miss out on half of the song.

This is not a direct translation. This is more of a translation to get the meaning across better.



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Deborah SnareDeborah Snare    Sáb, 06/06/2020 - 04:44

Thank you for the concise explanation about Icelandic. I am a huge fan of Skalmold.

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