Herezja (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés


Fetters of captivity crashed down
The filthy world is fading into oblivion
Nature's bosom overcome with dusk
Today, the row broke the winter sleep
Who wanted to punish us and choke us by captivity
He called hebrew squalors as redemption
The fear in their eyes...Angel-governor
Is waving in the wind, hanging on the line
In the night wolf swarms with the moonlight
Drinking their blood walking into immortality...
Ancient forests caught on fire
Gloomy disaster is waking up from its dream
One's horrible scream and forgotten evil
I hear them every night...
Insane whispers from red-hot stakes
I feel them... on my back
Like thousands years ago... forgotten
The steel is drown in blood again...
Burned eyes, in the mouth salt and sand
Shackled hands, bleeded wounds
But never given up with their spirit
Awaken hearts will dominate forever
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