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historia de amor

explain to me for what reason don't you looke me in the face?
it will be that you don't want me to notice that you continue falling in love
your eyes show passion and false feelings
for the fact of you turning me down while you're dying inside
you know well that you can't forget me and more or less deceive me
still you haven't birthed (found) another man that can fall in love with you
if before making up love, i already was loving you
not even the love of romeo and juliet came to be so big
i'm going to be sincero to you and confess, i don't lie to you, i miss you
and despite so much time passing, i still keep your picture
and where will this love go, all of the little illusion? i ask myself each moment
i know that i failed but your pride and you attitude impede my making up with you
you deny felling love, you hide the passion and you turn me down too.
with me you won't be able to, i know you more, you still love me
it doesn't matter that you grew apart from me, you'll miss me tomorrow
Too strong
today you diguise that which for me you feel at odds to defeat
you even say that you hate me and that the love has left you
look me in the ojos, come tell me that you no longer love me
and then yes, i'll make no more songs, i'll say no more words
you pretend upon saying that you don't love me that that was in the past
but love can't forget, it always remains etched
in your conserved (saved) is the story of two lovers
the novels and poems of love, i lived them by your side
remember when i made you my woman in that dawn
when i said to you with my guitar and then you were kissing me (kiss)
ay my girl, don't make damage to yourslef knowing that you love me
Yo sé que yo fallé pero tu orgullo y tu actitud me impiden recuperarte
Conmigo no podrás, te conozco de más, tú todavía me amas
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Historia de amor

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