the apple of my eye

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Idiomatic translations of "the apple of my eye"

Mein Augenstern
zjenico oka moga
Зеницата на окото ми
La niña de tus ojos
Español, Griego, Inglés #1, #2, Árabe
la niña de mis ojos
niña de los ojos
Être la prunelle des yeux de quelqu'un.
Η κόρη των ματιών μου
בבת עיני
कलेजे का टुकड़ा
आँखों का तारा
mijn oogappel
Te vagy a szemem fénye
نور دیدگانم
źrenica oka
души не чаю
зеница ока
свет очей моих
паче зеницы ока
Gözünün bebeği olmak
نور عيني

Significado de "the apple of my eye"


قرة عينيك

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The person you love the most

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Someone very precious or dear.

Explicada por Invitado/a el Vie, 02/03/2018 - 19:19
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I can not live without someone

Explicada por Marica NicolskaMarica Nicolska el Jue, 12/04/2018 - 16:31
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Someone, cherished above others.

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la prunelle des yeux de quelqu'un
tenir à quelqu'un (quelque chose) comme à la prunelle de ses yeux = être très attaché à quelqu'un ou quelque chose

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Το πιο πολύτιμο πράγμα.

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luce dei miei occhi

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محبوب، عزیزدردانه

Explicada por ahmad azizahmad aziz el Mar, 02/06/2020 - 21:22
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зеница ока

Explicada por aidesaides el Vie, 23/02/2018 - 12:51
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Зеница Ока. Самое дорогое.

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Osoba koja je veoma draga nekome. Zenica oka. Sve i sva.

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Birinin veya nesnenin veya hayvanın o kişi için çok değerli olması

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"the apple of my eye" en letras

Hariharan - The one with smaller hips

Change me a little bit as a bell for your anklets, O mother

Just one time hugging me tightly, you stop my breath, O the apple of my eye
To go out by piercing your back, still there is little bit pending, O my

Bring Me the Horizon - Kingslayer

Kingslayer, destroying castles in the sky
Kingslayer, forevermore the apple of my eye
I'd sacrifice it all to guide you

Bring Me the Horizon - Kingslayer

Kingslayer, destroying castles in the sky
Kingslayer, forevermore the apple of my eye
I'd sacrifice it all to guide you

Maka - Thanks to you

You quickly took me out of my loneliness
You changed my life because of the way you love.
The apple of my eye, the queen of my house,
my time belongs to you.

Legend of Yun Xi (OST) - Sighing about Clouds

With you, l will rewrite the plot
With you, I will travel the eight lands
Only because you know and read me so well, and you're destined to be the apple of my eye

DSF Men's Chorus - I'll sail right home to you

Long have I wandered to find my destiny.
Oh, how I miss you, my darling Nellie Bly,
You're the only girl I long for, the apple of my eye.

Diamond Platnumz - Will You Love Me?

And my mother going to Mkubwa Fela
and get chased away
Don't cry my dear Sandra, the apple of my eye
Hang on, don't give up

JadaL - You have the most beautiful eyes.

tomorrow you will remember who said :

" O you the apple of my eye, look into my chest and you will find a hollow that is not guarded by shields and is being washed by tears and decorated with Candles "

Bring Me the Horizon - Kingslayer

Kingslayer, destroying castles in the sky
Kingslayer, forevermore the apple of my eye
I'd sacrifice it all to guide you

Tea Tairović - For one night

Verse 2
No more back and forth
My eye *, you failed on the first (try)
You'll give me the entire world in your hand

  • *. as in "the apple of my eye"

Patron - The black

Exactly that, I’ve got lost in the big city
The skid marks my car made in a moment remains on the side of the road
The apple of my eye drowned in the salty lake
I’m alright for now but later what will happen today or tomorrow, I’m a side in a game of carom

Jesús Adrián Romero - The Apple of My Eye

You saw me when nobody saw me
You loved me, I love
You saw me when nobody saw me
You loved me when nobody loved me

Ahmet Kaya - Gift of a break-up

I smoked
Three packets of cigarettes
Never mind, the apple of my eye ...
Never mind... let it be...

Claudia Kane - Under My Skin

Lure you in this lullaby
You can be my spider caught in me
The apple of my eye
I'll float you on my river bed

Turkic Epics - The Epic Of Manas Part 1

Hitays and Kalmuks, had retaliation that's been crashed at Kyrgyz's, a never-failing vengeance, Esen Han "Kyrgyz Hans, they prevented every looting we did to the west and east, a few times, silk, fabric, tea and so many other stuff we had, did they looted our camel trains, should you kill them today, I've never seen a bullet-head folk like this who would get back on their feet the very next day" he said, Esen Han then he summoned the wizards and witches who were able to have a scent for the incident on his palace, knows weird witchcraft, who tells fortunes, the fortune tellers who read the İlim-i Biçik1"Damn Kyrgyz people, how did they roused themselves like this? Tell me all about it, the secret behind it!" said, tights, experts, soothsayers didn't get out of their houses for three days, at last, by bending the knee to Esen Han, they went like this: "Esen Han hh2shoud we say it, we'd be wrong, would fall victim to your wrath, the correct answer to this is written in an ancient sacred book in a chest that's been hidden with much caution which's in front of the sky at Çong-Beecin, in Kara Han's palace, let's send a man there and find out the secret!"
Esen Han bought that, wrote a letter to his brother Kara Han and affixed the seal, from Krygyz, Turks, Kazakhs, the fabric which they looted, the pars fur, a gold box did they put as a gift, he also sent four or five soothsayer along. Esen Han's backrest was his acquaintances, back then, Hiyat's military campy sultanate with forty Han, used to be ruled by Kara Han, Alevke, Esen Han, Aziz Han, they were the Hans that lived on without breaking their traditions such as showing respect to the father of a child, for the little one to the big one that's been left to them by their ancient ancestors, such far-famed all over the country were they, Kara Han would rule the forty khanate palace, Aziz Han, Esen Han, Alevke and Pekin's middle and Çet-Beecin khanates were stationed and ruled the nomat tents, became a commander for a ten-thousand numbered army and they were the dependency Hans to the countries between the north and the west side, the soothsayer who's been sent managed came in three months, in the sacred book it went like this: "In the Kyrgyz from up-north, a little boy named Manas will be born, the black-blue mean there will be on his back, on his shoulder will there be a red spot like a wood, Manas, Kalmuk and Hitay will he put the cat among the pigeons, he'll banjax3the almighty city Pekin which is the pure beauty of the sky and the cold ground, for six months he'll be the Han, Hitay heroes will be trapped and go out of existence" the ruthless Esen Han who just learned about this quivered like a bear who's been shot, drove round the bend, clamoured and started yelling bloody-minded, "Punish them all the wild Kyrgyz women who are pregnant! Hold their noses to the grindstone! If you don't bring me that Manas, I won't leave any of you alive!" in a sticky situation like this, the spy Kalmuk priest who's been rented by getting paid in coin of gold, he reached out to the Cakıp Bay by walking seven hours non-stop, he informed him about this, the Kyrgyz was unable to run away, the very next morning, Kalmuk soldiers by playing horns pocketed the Cakıp's aula, the Cakıp Bay who didn't know whether one is coming or going, by bending the knee to the Kalmuk, sacrificing horse, he gifted drink made out of kumys, he gave the golds away as a gift that he did accumulate in his very bag, he shed countless tears, among them the Kalmuk soldiers who were afraid of the representive of the talebearer Hitay, without even listening to Cakıp Bay's advice, they relayed the Esen Han's order. "Leave no pregant woman behind! In Kams,Kyrgyz's houses, there were no stones that the soldiers left unturned. Kalmuk soliders gathered every pregnant women they acrossed took them from their houses, by cutting their stomach clearly in half, with no mercy in the world, took their babies away from them, gave their bones to the dogs, "We'll surely lead to Kyrgyz's extinction, that's the order came from Esen Han!" The soldiers asked for the names of the unweaned babies, the kids who weren't even seventeen, put them in train like horse and leaving none of them behind, when they couldn't find the boy named Manas they killed the ones who couldn't get away and as for the rest, they sent them straight to Pekin where there's no turning back, they kept on looting the Han aula, in order to control the number of the babies born in Krygyz to every five family, they sent a Kalmuk watchman to stand guard, the Kalmuk watchmen, would put a truss to the houses where they saw kids or the pregnant women they encountered. To those who touched these trusses, they would just cut off their heads, the Kygyrz would wear in black, wrapped all the women with black turbans, they were racked with pain without committing suicide, without wanting to die yet died, the birds who quailed due to folk's groan didn't take off, in the trees, luscinia megarhynchos4 didn't sing, dogs kept on barking all over the place, the soldiers who's been sent by Alevke, when they couldn't find the boy named Manas from the Kyrgyz, they searched for him in different kind of Turks, when they failed finding him again, hence, they headed to Buhara, Semerkant, at last, Hitay found the Çon Eşen's son named Car Manas who's become hunchbacked and is broad shouldered, mesmerized her, put iron shackles in her feet, took her to the Pekin by rejoicing, according to news that Kalmuk watchmen, camel trains brought they rested easy thinking that the kid of Çon Eşen named Manas has been put into a big cage which's forty-rope-tall, the Cakıp who learned about this, attached his waist so tight, not so long after that very day, the Akbalta who gathered the aula in where there was no sign of a child laughter and cry, bore the folk in hand and went like this: "Finally, we got bright days to see ahead of us, may God gives our wants, raise your head up! We can protect the monk all by ourselves! We might as well die fighting rather than bringing our arse to an anchor! Every male, keep an eye on the enemy's gun, let's make our own guns quietly!" A year has passed, two years has passed, the Cakıp Bay who's worn out, by taking Akbalta's advice, he gave gold and animal to Kalmuk and Tirgot, renewed the pasturage, Cakıp grew much stronger than the future times' aforegoing, bloomed, cheered up, kept the accounts of the animals and made them much more regular, his sweet dame was Çıyırdı, it's been only three months since she got pregnant, Cakıp, learned this from his dame's not eating and her nausea becoming even more violent, Çıyırdı, became much upset and gave a cry all day long just because she didn't want the foods coming from the Kalmuk nor the Hitay, she said that the thing she wanted was a lion heart, Kyrgyz were ran out of hunters to hunt down some lion, taking the Akbalta's advice, they sent men to the Kalmuk, Tırgot, Kazak, Turk tribes and turned until there was no stone left unturned, at last they've heard about a Kangay's black hunter, hunted down a lion according to the news, Çıyırdı took the lion heart by giving some money and gold to the horse keeper, short and plump was the Çıyırdı dame, she ate it up whole by boiling the liver with the lion heart tenderly, "Good sir, I got refreshed now!" she said, Çıyırdı was able to sleep without any interruption and without eating anything, sweating for seven days, seven nights. Nine months have past too, Çıyırdı's belly has grown and the day of birth was at hand, "Kalmuk priest is coming with the senior grade!" type of news has reached out to the Kyrgyz, Cakıp Han drove round the bend; like a numb he wandered in a stupor and no idea what to do, but the smart Akbalta had a hut made in the forest and assigned seven young fellow to protect it, covered and concealed Çıyırdı on all hands: Senior grade now read the order gathering all the aula: "Let the Krygyz prepare gifts for the ruler of the folk, the one who sees the sun in the ground for the birthday of the Han, Esen Han of the Çin Maçin!" Kyrgyz , became so happy for they succeeded to hide Çayırdı, the day they've been waiting for is now closer than the breath they take, it was the birth moment of Çıyırdı, the dame started feel throe, when the throe started to pop up, woman shamans, bahşıs5they planted golden pole to recline upon the Tünek, women got worried in the white house6and made a fuss, Cakıp casted a spell over, sacrificed a filly from akboz, a owl-headed sheep, a moon-horned cow, a nowt-camel, their voilent screams of Çıyırdı in the aula, her shouting didn't stop for seven days, eight nights, "Nesh7lost bird, mother Umay, mother bird, don't you spare your nesh, give us a hand!" woman shamans and witches, wizards splattered, beat the drums and summoned Mother Umay for help, fell back upon the mother fire and lighted a fire, by spreading milk and fat, burned down the juniperus communis, seventy Kyrgyz family went to Cakıp's house after learning about the Çaydır's pains of child-birth, watched what happened with much attention, people of all ages fell back upon all around to see what will the good old God has to offer us, women started to shout at each other excitedly thinking that the labour pain of Çıydırı is stopped at night nine, "Cakıp Bay, the lady will give a birth now" after hearing this Cakıp lifted up his voice8and went down to the hills for he didn't want to be jeered by others, when I heard my child's cry, my heart wouldn't be torn apart, may my voice wouldn't be heard in the aula, Cakıp Bay, if his lady gives a birth to a boy, he had a lashing and forty black foal9affixed, no human being has ever seen such thing, people looked at the skyline with rejoice, the place was all quiet and calm, it seems as if the life has stopped, the birds with wings couldn't fly, the running waters didn't run, the dogs in the aula didn't bark, the head of the grasses didn't swing, this was a good sign, no body was afraid of this little boy nor had a fright, they all waited for the secret they've been waiting to be revealed, they all inclined their ears10it undermined the entire Altay, the crying sound of the child going like "Baa", the black ground quivered, a thunder has been heard that devastated the folk, happinness fell down to Ak Otak, like a rainbow, a bending light perfricated the aula, now arse end of nowhere11the Kayberen grunted, the birds in the yard sang, snakes in the cold ground started to whistle, the dogs in the aula to bark, the horses to neigh, the baby was born even though he had blood clot in both hands, the baby was as heavy as a fifteen year old, his flutter was as strong as a thirty year old, two black manes has been seen on both of his shoulders, when given food he would ate three bib fat at one sitting, whenever the noble woman nursed the little baby every time before that blood has popped up, the lady couldn't resist this, seventy Kyrgyz family's happy days finally showed up, since a lot of years, months the Kyrgyz who never even heard a child cry were so happy about this, the men of the aula then remembered the father of the child Cakıp, they looked high and low on forty foals to let him know about the good knows and get him some gifts, those who couldn't find a foal was a lot, some walked, some headed on horseback, among all the men in the aula, it was only the Akbalta who stayed and was anxious about this, Sulayka surprised after seeing him like that, and went like: "Hey you old man! Don't look right thru the good news, the runners wouldn't get it, but the ones who gets the share do, go share the Cakıp's joy" after begging like this, headed his own way, Akbalta, beat his Kökçolok horse and scamped him like a dog left from the hunt, Cakıp Bay was trying on his own to teach the black-maned creature to walk inside the sky pit's surface, inside the piedmont, near the creek, like a winged horse or a sky prairie foal. that poor Cakıp's entire body has quivered and fainted after hearing the fantastic news brought by Akbalta, then came to himself and came to the aula by rendering thanks, Akbalta, after hearing about the fantastic news he carried to Cakıp, bought nine animals in return, Cakıp Bay, without even having any surprise, entered the boz house unperturbably to celebrate Çıyırdı, "May you live long dame! may your little boy's bogie bolster fascia be tight! Bogie bolster fascia be auspicious! May my God shelter your infant!"
"May you live long good sir, anything you say!" let her hair down after saying this Çıyırdı, putting her breasts out, taking off her white necklace, put her baby out to her old husband, Cakıp, smelled the little baby's belly who was shouting and screaming, this baby that was given by God was self-effacing, lion-necked, on the watch, his eyebrows were knitted, tough, majestic like a tiger, shot from power was he, Cakıp, saw the black blue mean on his back, on his two shoulders, he had two guardian angels who were roaring away, the Çayırdı in poor spirits went like: "You, the apple of my eye who's a part of my body, I carried you for nine months, nine days, and gave birth to you with great many struggles, now you get to hand my white milk to yourself" she said wofully, and gave voice to the Mother Umay about her troubles, Çıyırdı, didn't tell about the warning sign she saw when she was giving birth to her child to Cakıp nor her acquaintances, this remained as a secret in this mother's heart. A white-bearded Dervish, by getting down from his henroost, "Your boy's name is Evliya, will grow up to be a warrior hero, I allocated a steel arrow, embrue that to your infant, put the essential needed ones to his neck, when he's twelve, you're gonna have a master forged a bow, when he grows old, six swords will come upon the sky to be given to six manly youngsters, the old man caressed the boy's forehead three times and gave him the arrow then disappeared into thin air, Çıyırdı didn't tell about the things that's been said by the Dervish, she embrued the steel arrow to her child and did the rest, Cakıp: "My dream came true, good old God of mine, give my son the luck of the Irish, have him live too long, have him took my revenge from the rival, have him found the things that I lost" he wished like this, the mournful folk on the other hand: "We all wanted a child back when we were struggling against difficulties, have our wish came true, have him took our pests away, saved our asses! Have him raise up the downtrodden flag of ours, have him acuminated our sword! Have him got our lands back which we lost! May God speed his road, arm, eye," they all begged to the God like this, obviously the biter got to the God, or the God felt a pity for that poor folk, or the Kyrgyz's curse took effect, or maybe the God cursed them, in the recent times the Kalmuk and Chinese putting the bite on the Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Turkish tribes has been gotten lighter, the civil strifes among the Hans in Çon Beecin, due to Hans' the worldly goods and dominance altercation, languished to put the bite on the immigrant folk and tyrannize, the commander-in-chiefs12among the folk started to disappear into thin air so quietly like the snow that melts slowly, Cakıp, the person of rank of the aula, acquaintance he gathered and advised with them, I became a father in this old age of mine, my animals wasn't destroyed, when the grasses are fully-raised, when the animals are born, I'll throw a banquet in Uç-Aral" he said, the person of rank of the country joined the Cakıp, even though they kept a secret from the Kalmuk, Tırgot, Chinese, Cakıp shared his joy with them, enjoyed the banquet, he couldn't get any news from them, his heart aching every time he thought about this, he thought Oruz was at Opal, Bay was at Kaşgar and Üsön was at Tibet.

  • 1. The sacred book of Kalmuks
  • 2. His nibs
  • 3. Irish slang for "Devastate"
  • 4. Nightingale
  • 5. Wizard/Witch in Kyrgyz, in different nations, this goes so many ways
  • 6. Akotağ
  • 7. A dialect for "Compassionate"
  • 8. Cried, but loudly
  • 9. A 4 year old horse
  • 10. " Tab-hang" is also a sweet alternative in British slang for those who are interested
  • 11. British slang for "Mountain top"
  • 12. Also "Sirdar"

Elissa - I have the Lord

Not upset about you

I called you the apple of my eye
And protected you from the evil eye

Miss Hammurabi (OST) - You Are The Apple Of My Eye

The one and only you
I'd tell the world a million times,
you are... the apple of my eye.

Kim Jaehwan - Nuna

Nuna, you’re so pretty
You could be the apple of my eye
That’s you

Magazin - The Apple of My Eye

The apple of my eye
has dawned a long time ago
please love, leave secretly
before someone shows up

İbrahim Erkal - I'm passionately in love with you

Come, my angel, my only wish
The apple of my eye, come
You're my blood, my soul