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from the eyes away

Publicado por Marica Nicolska el 2018-06-27

Idiomatic translations of "from the eyes away"

Fort damit!
aus den Augen
Alemán #1, #2, Italiano
Away with it
Away with it!
Farla franca
с глаз подальше
С глаз долой
Bort med det!
Gözden uzak
haydi ileri
Gözden Irak

Significado de "from the eyes away"


too far

Explicada por Marica NicolskaMarica Nicolska el Mié, 27/06/2018 - 10:38
Explained by Marica NicolskaMarica Nicolska

απο μπροστα μου

Explicada por Marica NicolskaMarica Nicolska el Mié, 27/06/2018 - 11:22
Explained by Marica NicolskaMarica Nicolska

"(уйди) с глаз моих", "я не хочу тебя видеть".

Explicada por Ann_75_45Ann_75_45 el Mié, 27/06/2018 - 10:45
Explained by Ann_75_45Ann_75_45

"from the eyes away" en letras

Aimer - Ref:rain

Raining, in a rain shower of a summer afternoon under an umbrella
Kissing, I gently kissed your wet cheek
I'm still longing for that season

Notre-Dame de Paris (Musical) - Notre-Dame De Paris

You'd think the word was invented for her
When she danses, revealing her body, like

Abdel Halim Hafez - Who is my beloved ?

"Who is my beloved ?", my friends are wondering !
They're thinking asking insanely
"Who is mine beloved?" ..
They're whispering imagining names and things.

Persona 5 (OST) - The Whims of Fate

Champagne flutes and
Dinner suits that
Keep your focus
Away from the cheating hands

Siddharta - Icy

What is inside your eyes?
This dance, this ice.
Are the colours of your heart

DDT - Tragedy

Gaunt winter grew feathers.
Gray dirt, from the Moon to the cross,
Has flooded the houses as if were nightmares,
As if was a hungry whore after the fast!

Abdel Halim Hafez - Your Heart is Empty

Your heart is empty my darling
If you had as much love in your heart
As I do, my darling
If your days were being scorched

Angélina (France) - Who says better ?

I'm told that the night brings advice
That Alice left Wonderland
I'm told away from the eyes, away from the heart
That boys are all good speakers

OH MY GIRL - Dun Dun Dance

Dun Dun Dance Dun Dun Dance Dun Dun Dance
Just dance Just dance
Dun Dun Dance Dun Dun Dance Dun Dun Dance
Just dance Just dance

Dino Merlin - If there weren't you, Alija

There where the sun is, there where the stars are,
there where the sky is without clouds
where pure souls nest
where eyes turn away from the darkness

drama store - Supremacy Emptiness

For scenarios drawn in a messy room
Now we're dyed black
Your smiles and my words
It's all like a lie

Turkic Epics - The Epic Of Manas Part 1

In ancient times, in the Kervan period, in broad daylight, back when the Tulpar1 was scratching, under the moonlight, without taking of their belt, on horseback, who were in hibernation, in the period of soldiers, with their face that looked like a lion, attacking the enemy, whose flag was waving, a world-renowned, someone who'd never take off their fur cap, living by roaring, a nation called the Kyrgyz existed, their flag was azure, their enemies would outnumber their fellows
Once upon a time, in the God Mountain, the one who ruled the Kyrgyz, set the thames of them alight, the Han from Karahan acceded to the throne, no words would match his valour, his richness wouldn't be expressed, his fame did reach for the stars in the sky
My good old God didn't create anything never-ending, God in this lurid world balanced the ones who's come and gone, the big and the small, some day the one who quivered the cold ground Karahan had passed away too, his throne was acceded by his son Oğuz Han, Oğuz Han was just and stupendous too, had a lot of soldiers, to the Turks, to the Kyrgyz he headed, by roaring the lowlands from the east, prairies, the mountains and the jungles he wandered like a lion, he went to the place where there was no turning back too, after Oğuz Han, Babir Han, after Kögöy Han, Nogoy Han took over, after many years, in a dark night, the magpie, gave Nogoy Han a sinister cue, for oh so long the one who nursed a grievance, lusted after to his wealth, prosperity and throne, the shrewd Kara-Hitay Han waged a war against Esenhan, Nogay Han's waist had been done-gone, his large world narrowed, the white-marquee of the Kyrgyz in the Ala-Mountain has been put to the sack, perished, the Turk tribes' ruined completely.
Nogay Han had four kids named, Orozdu, Üsön, Bay, Cakıp (Jacob)

  • 1. A mythological creature

Talisman - Only she

Her hair is a flowing river on the shoulders
It is knitted like a wheaten ear.
With the black apron, tied on the waist,
I keep her away from the sweet eyes.

Amrinder Gill - My Heart became yours

I don't know what happened to me since I saw you
I lost my peace (became restless)
It (his peace) left me and flew away
I lost it somewhere

Amazarashi - The thousand-year happiness theory

If all beings on this ground are changing their shape along with time
Is it worth clinging on to the things we hold dear?
The flowers I plucked on a whim, whitered miserably and hideously
You, who are so gentle, will you change the same way?

Elissa - We can fall in love (The love between us)

My love, lets go and leave people
Come on away from the eyes of people
this night I am feeling a hundred different feelings

Negramaro - Hands away from the eyes

yes you go away, without me
you go away,you can't wait a lot of unuseful time
and so you go away alone
yes you go away, but it's so cold if you go away

Wajid Khan - God willed it!

God willed it! God willed it!

God willed it! God willed it!
What a lovely face! God willed it!

Blind Channel - Out Of Town

I'm out of town

I've been searching for a purpose for a long time
I've been in and out of town, out of my mind

Queensrÿche - Eyes of a Stranger

All alone now
Except for the memories
Of what we had and what we knew
Everytime I try to leave it behind me