I am all ears

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Idiomatic translations of "I am all ears"

Soy todo oídos
Ser todo/a ouvidos
превращаться/превратиться в слух
Я весь во внимании

Significado de "I am all ears"


Bir şeyi eşitməyə həvəsli olmaq, diqqətlə dinləmək

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Целия/цялата съм в слух

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"I am all ears" en letras

Lefa - On the teracce

Even if there are problems, for real, it's not a big deal
Go, don't be mean, give me good news
No, don't be mean, I am all ears
I'm sure you have a photo of your son in your wallet

Up Dharma Down - Destiny

Oh don't be afraid of
The whispers within your soul...
I am here, and I am all ears to you

Die Ärzte - I want you!

She says, I'm intelligent
And that is, fortunately, not a guess.
I nod a lot and am all ears
And I imagine her already in a nightgown

Taeyeon - I’m all ears (Gyeoulnamu)

tto pieonal georan geol arayo
I am all ears
I am all ears deutgo issjyo

Ghost B.C - Faith

I am all eyes
I am all ears
I am the wall

Taeyeon - 겨울나무 [I’m all ears]

또 피어날 거란 걸 알아요
I am all ears
I am all ears 듣고 있죠

Fran Perea - Empieza por una idea

If you want to help
Do it as a friend
I am all ears now