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Missing to be on your skin

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Alone in the crack of the rock, among the smoke
I'm listening to the unknown sounds
Cars won't stop
Humility is reading the clock
Measuring time
Taxi might still get here
The queue might last a while
Missing to be on your skin
A longing to be attached to you
A need to get into your consciousness
Missing to be on your skin
To spend time next to you
Paranoia is drawing the devils on the wall
Sure about the worst
The heart is beating fast
The phone stays quiet
A magazine drops
and the city behind the window comes alive
And a fear on my cushion
I'm spending my night awake and away
An hour at a time
waiting the time to pass
missing to be on your skin
to spend next to you
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"Alone in the crack of the rock, among the smoke" might have a double meaning. Kallio is an area that's located in Helsinki. The band has made a song about that area before where they sing "Let me out of Kallio!". "Kolo" means crack but in this case the line could refer to a small flat.

It could be interpreted as "Alone in the (hell) hole of Kallio, among the smoke".


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