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Longing for your skin

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All alone in a hole of stone in the middle of the smoke
I hear the voices of strangers
The cars don't stop
Humility reads the clock
And measures the time
The taxi might come again
The queue might last a while
Longing for your skin
Yearning for your touch
Wanting your reasons
Needing to feel wanted
Longing for your skin
To spend [the time] near to you
Paranoia sketches demons on the wall
Already sure of the worst
The heart palpitates
The telephone remains silent
The newspaper drops [through the slot in the door]
And the city behind the window comes to life.
And the fear at the entryway(?)
I while away the night
One hour at a time
I wait for time to pass
Longing for your skin
To spend the time near to you.
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I tried to make the translation a bit more poetic than literal; feel free to correct me. I appreciate any ratings or comments Regular smile Thanks!
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Ikävä ihollesi

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