Joutsenet (traducción al Inglés)

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You can say what you want
I don't feel it, it doesn't touch
Just go, just go
Even the fairs can't make me laugh
Neither can the circus or a hundred cotton candies
Just go, just go
I won't bump into you
People worship eachother here
but you still can't fully have anyone
Don't be senseless and stop rebelling
Just go
The snow has eaten everything
Frost is raping this land
Even the swans freeze stuck to the ground
Dreams change into others
pouring to years of anger
I'd leave
But it just doesn't go like that anymore
Nothing goes like that anymore
Always hard
Never soft
There aren't enough angels for us
Just go
I can turn my head away
It's ahrd to explain and understand
how another leaves their mark to you
Just go
The thing I tried to touch in you
I realized: it isn't there
Time doesn't die even by killing it
Just go
You won't have the time
to run to the last train anymore
You won't make it anymore
If you don't already go
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