Kalte Tage (traducción al Inglés)

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Cold days

These are cold days in these times,
and sometimes I wish, I was blind and deaf,
so that (I could) isolate myself even more,
turn my back on everything and everyone.
But then my eye reaches over the sun, rock, and grove
and I ask -
how can I cry, if my heart is lying in my homeland?
Why shall I toil?
Why shall I strive?
For which home?
I were gone long ago,
but farewell is always hard.
Thus, I indulge myself in my dreams,
dumb as I am, M
'cause if I have a closer look at it,
I am deaf and blind,
who else would toil, strive
if he knows cognition and the truth?
These are cold days in these times,
without home and respite,
without a place to breathe,
in these times,
in which one has to search for happiness
in which one has to imagine happiness.
This is foolishness, a boundless foolishness.
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Kalte Tage

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Sciera    Dom, 27/01/2013 - 12:26

Good but I'd translate some parts differently:

"These are cold days of these times,"

I'd leave the comma in line 2 and 7 away.

"to isolate myself even more,
and to turn my back on everything and everyone."

" I'd have gone long ago"

" 'cause if I take a closer look at it,"