Korolevna (Королевна) (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Melnitsa (Мельница)
  • Canción: Korolevna (Королевна) 9 traducciones
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I sang of gods and I sang of heroes,
Of the clang of blades, of bloody battles;
As long as my falcon was with me
I had his cry for a prayer.
But it's been a year now since he flew away -
He's been carried away by a bewitched blizzard.
A snowstorm from distant lands
Has stolen my dear friend.
Since then I haven't been myself,
And the seagulls cry, cry in the sky;
I can only make out
The bitterwort-colored eyes in the fog
Oh, if only I could see with the eyes of a falcon,
Soar up on falcon's wings
In that foreign falcon land,
And not in my sleep, but somewhere near
Oh bird, become my soul,
Lend wind into my wings,
Every night I dream of flight -
Mile after mile of cold fjords
Your sleeves are of silk, korolevna,
The mountains are embroidered with white heather,
I know I've never been there,
And if I was, it's to my own misfortune
If only I could remember
What happened not to me and not to you,
I toss around like a fallen leaf,
And my soul can have no rest
For a song you pay me in full moon
Like others pay in hard coin
In a winter-covered distant land
You are more beautiful, more beautiful than spring
And more intoxicating than summer
Wake up, korolevna,
Don your plumage,
You and I will fly into the tempest
The ice of your wrists is thin
Your sleeves are of silk, korolevna,
And your feathers are embroidered with bright gold;
I laught and soar into the sky,
I do not even believe I am real
Come closer,
Let me touch your plumage,
Every night I dream of mountains
Every morning I lose my sight
Your sleeves are of silk, korolevna,
The sky is embroidered with a bright crescent moon,
Carry me away, northern wind
Into the lands of pain and fable
How painful to know
That everything happened not to me and not to you,
The time hadn't stopped
To glance into a carved window
My joy, every night I dreamed of you,
But you are dressed in a cloak of sorrow,
I will of course sing again before leaving,
But I will be gone, I will be gone from your abode
With the first ray of dawn.
Wherever do your dreams wander, korolevna,
How long do ancient grasses need to wait for spring...
The only thing left is to repeat a few words, such a trifle -
Wake up, korolevna, don your plumage...
Nobody knows better than I do
That everything happened not to me and not to you,
Your charity wounds the heart,
Like an arrow over a bow-string
For a song you pay me in moon
Like others pay in coin,
I would give everything to be with you,
But, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
You do not even exist in this world...
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Korolevna means princess, but i think princess brings up assosiations which are too.. disney Regular smile Plus there's a more direct equivalent of the word "princess" in Russian and it isn't used here, so i decided to keep the title "korolevna" which is perhaps more in keeping with the mood of the song.

Korolevna (Королевна)

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