Korolevna (Королевна) (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Melnitsa (Мельница)
  • Canción: Korolevna (Королевна) 9 traducciones
  • Traducciones: Francés, Hebreo, Inglés #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, Polaco
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I sang about gods, and sang about heroes, about clashing of swords, and bloody battles;
While the falcon was with me, his call took the place of my prayers.
Already a year has passed, since he flew away - a snowstorm carried him away,
The blizzard, which arrived from afar, stole my dear friend.
I haven't been myself since that time, crying, crying are the seagulls in the sky;
Within the mist my sight can only see the gentian eyes;
Oh, if only I could see with a falcon's eyes, and soar into the air on his wings,
In that foreign falcon country, not in my dreams, but somewhere nearby:
Become my soul, bird, give me wind into my wings,
Every night I dream of flying - cold fjords, miles and miles;
Silk are your sleeves, oh princess, with white heather embroidered are the mountains,
I know that I've never been there, and had I been, then for my sorrow;
I want to recall what happened not to You and not to me,
I swirl around like a fallen leaf, no peace for my soul;
You pay for the song with a full moon, as others pay with the sound of coins;
In a far away country, covered in snow, You are more beautiful than spring and more intoxicating than summer:
Wake up, princess, put on Your plumage,
We will fly into rain - the thin ice of Your wrists;
Your sleeve is made from silk, princess, bright gold woven through Your feathers;
I laugh and fly off up into the sky, I myself don't believe in me:
Come to me a little closer, let me touch Your plumage,
Every night I see those mountaints, every morning I lose sight;
Your sleeve is made from silk, princess, a full moon woven through the sky,
Lift me away, northern wind, to the land where there is pain and nothingness;
How painful to know, that all happened not to You, not to me,
Time hasn't stopped, to glance through fretwork;
About You, my delight, I have dreamed every night, but You put on a sorrow cloak,
I, certainly, will yet sing a farewell song, but leave Your house withe the first ray of sunrise.
Your dreams wander somewhere, princess;
Is it far to the spring of ancient grasslands?
All that's left is to repeat a few words, so insufficient -
Wake up, queen, put on Your plumage,
Wouldn't I know that all that happened not You and not to me,
Your grace wounds my heart, like an arrow from a bow string;
You pay for the song with a moon, as others pay with a coin;
I would give everything to be with you but maybe you are not in this world...
You pay for the song with a moon, like others with coins,
I would give everything to be with you but maybe you are not in this world...
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Korolevna (Королевна)

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