A la Muerte (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Genetikk
  • Artista invitado: Kollegah
  • Canción: A la Muerte
  • Traducciones: Inglés
traducción al InglésInglés

A la Muerte

[Verse 1: Karuzo]
Shimmy, shimmy, ya, shimmy, ya, shimmy, ya
Dancing rumba with the devil, vamos a bailar1
Hi Kids in Y3's with bitches on high heels
Whatever you do, never step on my white sneakers
Gringos a la Muerte, representando2
Raise the guns, I am a free man like Django
Respirando mucha droga, la vida loca
Mi ganga peligrosa to-toca3
I blow more reefers than Wiz Khalifa
And let no one touch me, except for my tattooist
And a few ghetto diva señoritas
High life, translation: we are down with no one
Flores vitamina y mucho sexo
Yo tengo mi propria vision del progresso4
Highly talented prodigy, just bring along your buddies
And if you fuck everyone, how come, that your lads are virgins?
You know, you get nothing going except for low kicks
Due to my dopeness, Balenciaga pro shit
So chic, I am fresh and clean,
We've killed german rap, kid, rest in peace
(Hook: Karuzo & Kollegah) [x2]
Bad Boys para siempre (forever), partners in crime
My album makes me fame, but the street makes me rich
Yellow Lamborghini, "Big Boss" on the license plate
Checking the stock exchange news, while my cook grills me a lobster
[Verse 2: Kollegah]
You ask me, if I can get you a kilo of pep?
A punch and the wall behind you has a hole in silhouette shape
Better get this in your head now
Like your daughter my cock during sex in the wedding bed
A long path to the top, text for text
Track for track, battling in the net and heads at rap contests
Blowing them away on the laptop with punchlines, that hit like headshots
Killing the scumbag like crack rocks or Black Ops jets
Then sneered at, now the rest looks away completely respectfully
The test norm blasting mac is back now with raps in best form
Teflon vest, kid, I punch you so long until
You coke slut are green and blue like coral reefs
The boss stands in the juice like straws, kid
On my pecs shot volleys burst like fictiles swallows, bitch
And rappers are having a hard time, only the Selfmade-MC's
They are having a great one like Elvis Presley5
(Hook: Karuzo & Kollegah) [xAnnotate2]
  • 1. let us dance (Spanish)
  • 2. gringos until the death, represented (Spanish)
  • 3. it is dangerous to touch my gang (Spanish)
  • 4. flowers, vitamins and a lot of sex, I have my own imagination of progress (Spanish)
  • 5. in german the word for great also means quiff (the hair cut Elvis Presley used to have) it's a word play
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A la Muerte

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