La petite marchande de porte clefs (traducción al Inglés)

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The littlle keychains seller

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His mother wanted to wait and marry her to someone, his father wanted to drown her
Only one child per household, He wanted a boy,
But his bitch of a wife did only half the job
at the countryside, strong men are needed to work
No more mouth to feed , no more female pisser that cries
It's almost impossible to live
Only one daughter means losing his family name
It is a shame for villagers
What could he do with a human waste?
burst her skull between two stones,
bury her next to the dog ?
He went to borrow a shovel from her neighbor
But his neighbor told him to wait
He said he could sell her
And they were lucky ,
A dealer offered to buy the child to sell to tourists
They released her for about one-third of French SMIC
The evening of his departure his mother sang melancholically
中国 歌曲
she sang
中国 歌曲
Twelve years later, the girl sleeping at his guest quietly
Her awakening is a big kick in the ribs
Her breakfast , it's steamed bread and water
Then towards the engine room to join the others
She was never ​​adopt by rich Western
Her owner raised her, kept her under the cloak
Nine in the same place, his room a wooden crate
At eight years old, she landed at her first job
A kind of nursery where football shorts are made
With his hands in shape of feet as sewing too much,
Hmm, with its spine arched
Twenty minutes lunch break , a little rice, a bowl of soup
Ban talk just the right gesturing,
She must keep her head down to speak to his superiors
Noise haunts her to the point that she cant hear when it stops
To not sink into madness she sings this song in his head
中国 歌曲
she sang
中国 歌曲
Returning to his hometown after ten years
In search of a cocoon in search of his past,
Finally, her master told her who she really was
Just before he ended his life in jails Government
His factory was discreetly dismantle,
The press was not allowed to cover the event,
In short, most people in the village had left the place ,
Gone away , to open restaurants
Or various clothing stores ,
To join them, she crossed oceans
Close to death , leaving his fate to sail with the wind
Alone , no money, no ID card
She didn't even had a name , other than " the beggar'
After contracting al kind of diseases,
She miraculously land in Paris ,
I was going back home after work at the nightfall
As our eyes met , she came , told me :
" Um , excuse me sir, key chains, two euros
- Uh sorry no , I have nothing on me, good evening "
中国 歌曲
But i still hear her sing
中国 歌曲
she sang
中国 歌曲
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La petite marchande de porte clefs

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