Thalía - La risa de las vocales (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

The laughter of the vowels

The palace, the palace
Of the king with the odd number
It adorns itself, it adorns itself
With a nice reunion
The vowels, the vowels
They are honored guests
And the king tells white jokes
And one another in color
So his guests can see
That he is in a good mood today
And so laughs the "a" jajajaja
And so laughs the "e" jejejeje
But the "I" laughs more,
Because it looks like me, jijijiji
This is how the "o" laughs jojojojo
But the "u" doesn't laugh
Why does not the ''u'' laugh?
Because the donkey knows more than you
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La risa de las vocales

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