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(We warn you that the following words may hurt listeners' sensibilities, which is reasonable since it's violence)
I'm nuts, I'm with a band that's crazy,
today I won't take shit, you'll run cause you're a coward
They're all suckers, bitter, big-mouthed,
they call the cops, all of them came, two remained.
Today you'll run, cause you're a coward
you were fucked up, cause I'm in charge
I'm going out with a gun, I'm high, I'm so fucked up,
I'm already dead so I don't give a shit about killing you
My life is hell, my father's a thief, my mother a whore,
if you call the cops on me, I'll send you to a coffin
I'm society's mistake
I'm the perfect plan that went wrong
I come from the dump that this system left aside,
the law of market made me functioning
I'm a lot of shit sprouting from the sewer,
I'm a nightmare you won't wake up from
You despise me, you rat me out,
but you need me hooked
I'm part of a business no-one set up but everyone uses,
it's the Russian roulette and I'm the bullet you got
I'm burdened with an accumulated lineage of poverty
and a soul festering poison of another generation
I don't know who I am, I don't know who you are,
the train of the flock was derailed
I hear the sirens, the police are cornering me,
one's shooting, he hit me leg, I hit a cop
I spend my whole life spitting blood like a tornado,
motherfuckers you hit me right in my heart
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Language is quite strong and has a lot of slang used by lower-class people.


La violencia

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