Solicitación de transcripciones a
Sleeping Beauty (OST)Once Upon A Dream (Indonesian)Indonesio
Ida LailaPintu taubatIndonesio
Robin Hood (OST)Love (Bahasa Indonesia)Indonesio
Jessica RemayaMH17Indonesio
Anna StanislausTumodo Kou NohIndonesio
Chicken Little (OST)Salah LangkahIndonesio
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (OST)Diluar sana [Out there]Indonesio
Rafly KandeRapa'iIndonesio
Toy Story (OST)Strange Things (Indonesian)Indonesio
Treasure Planet (OST)I'm still here (Indonesian)Indonesio
Chiko LinkKapitenIndonesio
Ben 10 (OST)Ben 10 Intro (Indonesian)Indonesio
Zak Storm (OST)Zak Storm Intro (Indonesian)Indonesio
Brother Bear (OST)Great Spirits (Indonesian)Indonesio
Brother Bear (OST)No Way Out (Indonesian)Indonesio
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (OST)Follow Your Heart (Indonesian)Indonesio
The Lion King (OST)I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Bahasa Indonesia)Indonesio
Hamtaro (OST)Hamtaro Ending (Indonesian)Indonesio
Kim Possible (OST)Kim Possible Intro (Indonesian)Indonesio
Aladdin (OST)Dunia Baru [A whole new world]Indonesio
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (OST)Tuhan Bantu Yang Terbuang [God Help The Outcasts]Indonesio
Soccer Anthems IndonesiaAnthem Of Persija Jakarta (Lagu Persija Jakarta)Indonesio
Soccer Anthems IndonesiaAnthem Of Psms Medan (Lagu Psms Medan)Indonesio
Soccer Anthems IndonesiaAnthem Of Persiwa Wamena (Lagu Persiwa Wamena)Indonesio
Soccer Anthems IndonesiaAnthem Of Bontang Fc (Lagu Bontang Fc)Indonesio