Las gaviotas (traducción al Inglés)

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The Seagulls

Tell me, n*gga, why you don't love me,
If you're my life, my well-being,
Give me a hug, give me a little kiss,
Come with me, we'll go and walk.
Hey, how your black skin shines
like the waves crashing!
Millions of shells have the sand,
Beautiful pearls have the sea.
If you want, we'll go to my boat,
If you want, we'll go, I'll take you,
And when we're there on the other side of the shore,
new songs, I'll sing to you.
Hey, how beautiful is having loves
in this heaven that God created!
Give me a hug, give me a little kiss,
so I can live more happy.
And the seagulls tend to their flight,
And they open their wings to fly.
They go searching for love nests,
Love nests they'll find.
Already, I say goodbye to my brown one,
Already, I say goodbye to my heart.
They never trust women,
As women play treason.
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Las gaviotas

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roster 31roster 31    Lun, 26/10/2015 - 16:21

Thank you for your good translation.
I would like to point out a couple things:

1. "n*gga "- Is this a common way to say, or avoid saying, "negra"?
2. "vamos a andar" I don't think it means plain "walk", I think he implies something like, "let's start", "let's go/move on". (?)
3. The second stanza says "negro pelo", not "black skin".
4. Third stanza - I would try to make that verse a little bit shorter.
5. At the end, "nunca se crean de las mujeres" = He is giving advise to others. It should be in imperative.

My suggestions you can take or leave. If any of them is a mistake, or typo, you should correct.

Best to you.