Paolo Vallesi - Le persone inutili (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Useless People

There's another humanity
That will not leave
Laws and monuments behind them
People destined to lose
And no one will sing about
Their failures
Men at the mercy
of a god and of the unhappiness
That never abandons them
Needles in the haystacks
Hidden among the passers by
They are the useless people
People who aren't able to live
That don't show their teeth and muscles
That surrender sooner or later
They are the useless people
The truest, the humblest
That we'll never find
On the newspapers or in the parades
But love every day, more than we do
And they continue like this
Resigned to saying yes
To getting by
Always condemned to delude themselves
That they are in a movie
Finally lovers
Men at the mercy
Of dreams and of nostalgia
That will never grow
Dwarves in the middle of troubles
With the hearts of giants
They are useless people
People destined to lose themselves
That have too many wounds in their souls
That don't defend themselves anymore
And that get sick sooner or later
Because the useless people
Are alone, are weak
And will never take
Neither medals nor trophies
But love every day
More than we do
All the useless people
Will win sooner or later
But they'll never know it
And we will never go
Into their heaven
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Le persone inutili

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