Le vent fou (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Renan Luce
  • Canción: Le vent fou
  • Traducciones: Inglés
traducción al InglésInglés

The wild wind

At first I heard his grandiose groan
Contaminating everything that stood in his way
Both things and people
Then I went to see the trees bow down
Feeling solidarity with them as I sometimes do
Perhaps too often
Buttons all fastened, collar raised up
A useless precaution, this unbridled horse
Over the fences
Getting into everywhere, even more into my soul
And all of a sudden cleaving, like a breakwater
All my lamentations
A wild wind has risen up
A wild wind has risen up
But what do you bring me, what do you want?
It’s too late for embers, too late for fire
should‘ve blown before
Help the miller to mill his flour instead
Make the sailboat skim the ocean waves
And give me a break
Sow dandelions if that keeps you busy
Carry voices, lift up skirts
Make hair dance
Drop a bit of fruit on the next Newton
But hold back your breath that tells me that autumn
Has fallen on us both
Has fallen on us both
But oh how he blows
Oh how he whistles
Oh how he swells
Oh how he slaps
Bleak landscape or branches barely broken
I’ll find out tomorrow, if I go out, the extent
Of the damage you’ve made
But don’t sweep away our ashes, they’re all I have left
If I want to scatter them, I’ll know how to do it
When I’m ready
A wild wind has risen up
A wild wind has risen up
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Le vent fou

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