The One and Only Femme Fatale

When a long time ago I heard for the first time the song 'Guilty', which is an unrealeased song of Britney Spears, I immediately knew that she must do a dance album.
Being a really devoted fan of Britney I just couldn't wait to listen her album named 'Femme Fatale' when it came up.
I have to admit that it is a very good managed album, with the vast variation of low-high tempo songs.
The first song 'Till the world ends' is my number one from the 'Femme Fatale'. With the repeated chorus 'o-o-o-o-o' the song becomes so cathcy that you just can't stop listening to it. I believe that it became of the summer anthems of 2011. I have to add that there are much more songs which are worthy to be as summer anthems of 2011, and these are the following : '(Drop Dead) Beautiful'(featuring Sabi); 'Up'n Down'; 'Trip to Your Heart'.
'(Drop Dead)Beautiful' is featured with a female rapper Sabi, which is also really catchy, and gives a little R&B flavour to the album, with the song 'Inside Out'.
My other favourite song which has an unusual vibe, is called 'Criminal'. When I first heard it, sounded reminiscient to the Hungarian folk-tales. It's actually a ballad about a relationship, in which the girl is in love in a wrong person, but however the man is a bad one, the girl still love him.
'Big fat bass' is a collaboration with, and it's very well done. My favourite part is the piano part. I noticed that in this song, you can observ the style of Britney, and also the style of when sings you recall the Black Eyed Peas 'Boom Boom Pow' song.
'How I Roll' is a very playful song, it's just fun.
My other favorite song is called 'He's about to lose me', and I love how natural Britney's voice sounds, actually she shows her true voice.
I noticed that there are songs in this album which have wordplays in it, and these are: '(Drop Dead)Beautiful' (actually the repetetive words caught up my attention); 'Big Fat Bass' (you may recall 'Big fat ass').
To conclude I realized that Britney has a lot of beautiful, sensual, love songs, but it was time to have a fun, dance album which makes you happy and it's made to dance and party. And I think that this is what makes someone a Femme Fatale: being sensual, sexy, being a lady but ready for fun and just being happy with your life.

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