Les Moutons (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

The Sheep

Nanala Naganalalo Lanalalaleno (4 times)
Sheep were shorn, and the wool spun
And the bike repaired with the allen key
We met the girls, not all ugly
With them there was Mary ranouen
We breathed the sort of trichlorethylene
And the next day we had bad breath
Nanala Naganalalo Lanalalaleno (4 times)
There is a three francs discount on chocos BN
So to enjoy it we take them by the dozen
A good bottle of mead is sent
At the end it was empty, it was more full
After we hitchhiked with bigoudènes
And we went in a box but there were lesbians
Nanala Naganalalo Lanalalaleno (4 times)
We threw all the Parisians in the Seine
All the Parisiennes drowned at the same time
We found oil in the Kerguelen Islands
And after the cop left the siren
Ah there's one who I always forget, oh it's Saddam Hussein
That one pumps us air like Jean-Marie Le Pen
Five leaves are rolled with pollen
And after we all fell in lagen
Nanala Naganalalo Lanalalaleno (4 times)
If you liked our song oh give yourself the trouble
Pay us a good shot to take breath
I don't remember the following, well, it is not worth it
Anyway what was needed was a rhyme with "N"
Nanala Naganalalo Lanalalaleno (4 times)
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Les Moutons

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