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The sluts and me

[Intro - Orelsan]
I don't really know, that's not my THING. We have already spoken many times about it but this is the last time we have this discussion. Gringe, tell us what you think of prostitution
[Verse 1 - Gringe]
Sometimes you cheat on your chick, but you feel limited
Well remember this: 50 is the price of the peace
The best way to dump you without getting stung
It's certified, think about it before criticizing
No more night calls, the hidden numbers
Stress make you explode whenever you have felt it vibrate
To you who never knew you cheat without warrant
Tell to yourself that there is only Jesus who never lied, result: crucified
Sluts is like a session to the shrink, the little more
Is that for the same price, you have a person consulting you and suck you
No language barriers, no age distinction
I wasn't even 20 years old, I quickly nabbed the virus
It was the same every day
I elaborate scholars plans to sneak of my home until these J9 of love
3am starts the countdown
I go out of my room taking care to follow the steps on my journey
First my father's pockets: car keys
Then go through the window, go out, put the shoes
Key in the ignition, wait for a car who passes
Camouflage the noise when I start
Roll a little further for put the headlights
Then towards the train station without being stopped, no, I don't have the driving licence
Maximum risk-taking for informed public
My first experience in a van, I hear that little voice that says to me:
"So an STD, what is it Jamy?"
You find anyway bonuses included in the sale price
Kosovarde or Benin, grabs a master in foreign language
Feels throbbing impulses
A soft warmth who fill your belly
Discover a world of intoxicating flavors
Sweat of fifteen customers inlaid on a damp mattress
The scent of baby wipes, she clean her pussy with it
Oil lamps, the smell of semen
The trash full of condoms that will be recognized by a pimp
And while you're there and you do your stuff
A second girl asleep in front: the sluts often work in pairs
Believe me, this is the kind of thing that will relax even the most complexed
Long live to the van and the promiscuity!
There's two schools: the van or the hotel
Go homestay or choose the boredom of a tour
Don't see things with dread
Tell yourself that women need a reason to do it, we just need a place
So I waited there, lurking in the shadows
While waiting for my turn, I fear and I counted the seconds
Fruitful excitement, but let me tell you the best
One in two chance of catching the DASS if there's not lubricant anymore
And I call it love of risk, explore your dark side
Back the cervix faster than Lance Armstrong
I have quickly learned to calculate their vices, of course
My cock wedged between her thighs in menstruating time
But I flirts with sordid, I don't backbite
I know that the money I give her will be used to pay the layers and the Blédina
Please don't fall into empathy, trust me
You're in trouble if you start to do your delicate
There, she will play her fragile and willing card
And you, well you will make you alleviate the balls and the bank account
And it's a basic rule in a relation that you coined:
Don't let you be soften under penalty of making you extra more money
1: Restrain your moral, 2: Satisfy your urges
3: Discover that payed relation gives more excitement
Impassive and stoic, a slut don't feels emotion
If you made her blink of an eye, you have completed your mission
In summary: sex, stress and shivering heap
The world's oldest profession continues the tradition
In team, better than Laser Quest, you lose: you just have to take the test
Lucky if you just got a herpes
The sluts and me, a great love story
My first love, my first exploits, first bravery raw slices
How many times I go around the roundabout for the fifteenth time
Always the same thrill when I talk about the sluts and me
G. - So, still not convinced?
O. - Pff, I'm still not very hot...
G. - Well go ahead and finish the discussion: Orel, tell us what you think of prostitution!
[Verse 2 - Orelsan]
I often hear: "To fuck, I don't need to pay"
It's good to have your pride, me, I did it
Before 18, I didn't dare test
As I lived not far away, I watched their going-and-coming, I dreamed
I saw lost guys and CEOs cars
Fathers of families taking sluts with their baby seat
It's true, I skipped a few meals to try
How was it ? It sucked! Every time I regretted
You're far from the glamor of "Pretty Woman"
When you find yourself to enter flabby in a dirty bladder
When the smell of the guys of before is limit sustainable
When you understand "Get out, asshole!", When she say: "Good bye!"
I went home, the plastic on the cock, really pale
It took me three months to stop feeling guilty
And then I went back a few times to check
We told me to never stay stuck on my first ideas
I was set, jeans lowered, between two bumpers
I can think of nothing but the accident of condom
This is a big scam
Unless you love the dead women plans
Menstruating: ketchup supplement
I like dirty things in clean places
It's just the opposite: the wipes, it blocks me
They put so much lubricant that you can enter without it rubs
As much dip your cock in the fleet
No matter what she does with her hands: she don't give a damn
I had more fun at the doctor
It's fine if the sluts excite you
But I saw butchers cut a chickens in a sexier way
If you think that a slut moaned, you probably heard a sighing
If she give you chlamydia, you leave with a memory
Forget your fantasies, she don't give a fuck of your sexual problems
The sluts don't have professional conscience
When they depart less than a meter for go pee
You see that the after-sales service is doubtful
I don't give a fuck of their clichés full of prejudiced
But it's still weird to enter the refugees
Well. I still tried another approach
New bank account, new decadence, new girlfriend experience
To make advance the science
I have found websites of escorts and I tried my luck
For the most good, I'm still waiting to be call
For the others, you know the expression: "Non contractual photo"
The first was so ugly, my heart stopped: AVC
You think that I fucked her anyway for not offend her?
The time to digest the shame and I'm at a round woman
With a dirty face, who want that I spit in three seconds
Must have a stopwatch in her blonde pussy
It wasn't in the announcement that we must fuck against the clock
That venal fat ruins everything because she plays poorly
Take your 200€ and go pay to yourself a acting classes
It's stronger than me, I always want them to find me special
I have too much ego to be an ordinary shot, I do all the work
It's them who should pay me
I try to get them comfortable to the point that it makes me stress
I spend the first thirty minutes to stutter
When I read the ads and when they leave is my favorite moments
From the sidewalks van, to the brothels, to the windows
That they stop complaining, it's always me the victim
I lost a lot of ego and a bit of money
When I'm on the verge of breaking down, I tell myself that the condom too
The sluts and me, a series of dismal stories
Trust me, forget the porn movie that you got in the skull
It's only a big scam or maybe I don't have the mental
Give me back my 50, my 100, my 300€
[Outro - Gringe]
The sluts and me, a great love story
My first love, my first exploits, first bravery raw slices
How many times I go around the roundabout for the fifteenth time
Always the same thrill when I talk about the sluts and me
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