Ludvig Daae (traducción al Inglés)

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Ludvig Daae

He is up at four o'clock
Prepares the ground at five o'clock
Has coffee, six o'clock
And it is long 'til he goes home
Dries boots, drives treads
Things don't happen by themselves
Knees creaking well but there are no complaints here
Can certainly seem irritated, can certainly seem harsh
But here in Kollen everything must be in place
Ludvig Daae [Yodelled]
Ludvig Daae
The snow cannon works and the tea hook goes
But he hasn't seen his wife in twenty eight years
He does not make it home, so his dinner gets cold
The gears must be oiled and the pallet must be carpentered
Can certainly seem angry, can certainly seem sour
But all he asks for is some kitchen culture
[Staysman] I said two by two in the lift!
Ludvig Daae [Yodelled]
Ludvig Daae [Yodelled]
Ludvig Daae [Later yodelled]
Ludvig Daae [Yodelled]
Ludvig Daae
Ludvig Daae

Translated by Roseanna :)

Publicado por RoseannaRoseanna el Vie, 03/12/2021 - 16:23
Comentarios del autor:

This is not a perfect translation by any means.

I'm not confident in "Things don't happen by themselves" Sjæl isn't in dictionary so I've had to assume it's a dialect form of Sjøl. Sæ usually is a form of å se but that didn't fit at all and Google insisted it meant happened so I went with that.

Tekroken has also stumped me, It literally means "tea hook" and I've no idea what that is!


Ludvig Daae

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