Crvena Jabuka - Malo ćemo da se kupamo (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

We'll swim a little

Watch out, watch out
Summer is coming again
to our place
from the south the sun brings
golden waves
Let's come down from the heights
let's step out of cracks and sinkholes
down there dolphin is tearing up the net
let's go down to the sea
Darling, you and me
we'll walk along the shore
darling you speak
to me so gentle on the coast
Ref. 2x
Oh, oh, we'll swim
a little,we will
oh,we'll sunbathe
a little
Before dawn, I dreamt that
I found some cash
and I hear the murmur of the waves
under my window
Watch out, watch out
Here's a cream
put some on your beloved man
It would be lame
if the sun fried him
It would be crazy
if the sun fried him by tonight
'cause in the evening he
won't be useful at all,no
Darling, you and me
Lavender, sardines and others
songs of our choir
in front of us the sea
under us the oysters
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Malo ćemo da se kupamo