Mauvaise foi nocturne (traducción al Inglés)

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Mauvaise Foi Nocturne

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-Yes, who is it there?
-Fatal, it's Vitoo open to me
-Are you ok Vitoo? You are in a strange mood. What's wrong?
-No, i am not ok.
-Well tell me, come on, what's wrong? -Don't make your whore...
-Fatal, sit down, i need to talk to you
I passed my night with drinking
Fatal, i don't feel it, i don't know, she doubts about me
-But Vitoo, stop, you know your girl loves you, your girl has said to me:
You know with Vitoo the trust reigns/rules and it's my little cream puff...
You don't have to be in panic, i swear
Your girl is cool, your girl is hot
Vitoo, you fuck so many girls, she doubts about nothing, she's so stupid
-No, but what do you know ?
She scared me so much for 2 months
- What ?
-She checked my messages every fifteen minutes
-Change your PIN-code!
-She has infiltrated my answerphone
my girlfriend has become another woman yeah !
-Are you sure? Have you proof by three ? ( Detourned French expression )
-She becomes strange,
every night she lets me be followed by her brother Denis,
who has even planned to break my face at tuesday.
there does the fear come from, a real nightmare,
I am so scared for here that tonight i sleep in the hotel!
-She is next to the sheet, you love to fuck others girls you,
All strange tricks, threesomes, and bimbo's !
All tall stories for your 5 a 7 peacful
You have a python in the underpants, Vitoo, you are a good fucker
-I love you, me
-Yes ! Tell her that !
-Apologies me
-Ok, it's good like that!
-This has happend only 16 times
- Euh no don't say that!
- But I don't know if I assume to only sleep with her (and with noone else)
- Ok, don't being such a pain
Give me the keys, tonight we are going to party.
Oh fuck it, i don't believe it, slap me,
She has scratched your "BM" ( BMW car ), she has burst your "BM"
She has even crapped at the bench seat of "BM"
while fuck it, it's mine!
-Apologies me....
-Why she has busted my car ?
-I didn't dare
-You didn't dare to tell her what ?
-That she was yours
- Mine..,I had borrowed her, you know
-I didn't assume to go out with her in 4L ( old french car )
-Come on let's go
-But why?
- Because she is going to pay back my "BM" me that, it's crazy
- I don't know that
- You have to tell her about that, mate!
- I have the puke there
- Open the gloves compartment then!
- I wouldn't have to be obliged to tempte the seafruits in the cocktail!
- Come on , knock ! No, knock i told you!
[Girlfriend of Vitoo] Yep 12 seconds, i am coming.
-Come on come on
-But what have you done?
Why all this violence and didn't do anything against you, me.
-Yes, tell her!
-I swear that this girl i don't know what did she pisses of with me
-In every case, i was not there, or, it wasn't me !
-Oh no...
- Because i left out my dog
-Oh la la!
-Your dog is already dead for 3 years, come on
-Well no, because in fact she has survives because...
-Shut up , mate !
And you, Mere Theresa ( a famous nun ) , please calm you down
You are tense like a G-string. Calm you down ( " pête un coup " is a slang expression ), the BM was mine!
and you didn't know it, but i had burrowed it to my mum !
So shut up you too !
You takes a shit in your underpants, fuck !
Your mean jokes come on, keep them for your grand-ma
Oh...why are you beating me, what's the matter ?
You're not a girl, are you a ninja or what?
Fuck it, come on,we push off VItoo !
-Hurry op
-Give me the keys of the car
-Open to me
- Come on we will be safe
- I am scared, you know
- She practices free fight or what?
- She could even be able to kill me with a spade
-She's dreaming, her
She forces me to do the washing-up
She wants me to put the trashs outside,
what am i doing with her ?
- What are you doing with her, yeah ?
- But what are you doing with her ?
tac bang bang, put your arms up, put your arms up ! Yeah yeah pump it up !
- What are you doing now?
- I'm feeling the moment ! Fuck you off !
-It's right, it's not me who has to support her friends
Watch out the routine, tampons in the kitchen.
She pisses with the door open, she doesn't shave her under her arms
Yep but the girls, that's also that Vitoo, don't give up !
Watch me with all the women that i met
I couldn't anymore,
and after i felt love,
i made a cross at the little arses ( I stop it )
In fact, it was me the nymphomaniac the most seductive of Panam ( Paris )
My ex ended up stoned, i had to call the social paramedics
My life, it was of fucking all the biatches of Paris
In the heap, you know it yourself, a lot of drag queens.
But look at me now, i have raisen again my fly up trousers.
Sex is not the only thing there is in life, Vitoo, don't forget it !
- What are you telling me ?
You mean that you'not a guy anymore and that you walk right?
-Stop it!
-That you stay with your self the night when she isn't there?
-Yes, of course!
-And your third arm?
-Since when it isn't it who makes the law in your life?
-Stop, what are you doing there?
-Are you sure to be loyal?
-Yes of course!
-Can i consult your mails?
-And your extern harddisk?
-To search your Bluetooth?
Click on your mother card?
Dismantle your webcam?
To come back in your minitel?
If you're sure,
-Yes, yes?!
-So give me your phone, we lissen your answerphone and we'll see.
-But stop it, you are tired you have hate, give me my phone back, what are you doing?
-I will do it for you,
-Hey but stop, you cant watch over people like that!
- Give me your number mate
-Hang up, hang up!
-I am going to do it for you
-Odd jobs will hapen to you, i am going to take crick, the lacrimogene bomb, be careful !
(Answerphone of Fatal) :
Yes you are at the answerphone of Mika, please leave a message after the beep sound, because if you leave it before, hum it doesn't work.
compose your secret code and end with " touse " ( " par touse " mean orgy )
- Touze !
(Answerphone of Fatal) :
“You have 2600 new messages, remind to archive ”
“Recived, yesterday at 10:51 pm : Yeah it's Profanation Fonky, what's up ?"
“Recived yesterday at 22h61 : Yeah baby, It's Vitto's mum, it's already one hour, I miss you. I miss you,I miss you !
You fucked me so hard ! Greatly tomorrow ! ,Big kisses where you know...
- So that's good? Are you ok, are you calmed down? Are you going to close your mouth?
Fatal be ready I have to talk to you
You are going to pass your life in dark
[ Yelling ] Because i will burst your eyes !
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Mauvaise foi nocturne

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