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traducción al Inglés

It Hurts Me*

I'm leaving, I'm determined
And it pains me to walk away 
I know
I'll keep on thinking about the ties
That we created, when we kissed 
Today I leave, bidding you farewell
I hope that the future gives me back your love
It hurts me so much to see us part
I hope that it's not the end
Maybe I'll pass by here again
and without a doubt, we'll be reunited 
I run, I pay my fare
I get on the train and hastily turn my head towards you
You're still stood there
Your eyes reflect the hurt I caused you 
Even so you can understand 
That the two of us have things to sort out
It hurts me so much seeing us part
I hope it's not the end 
Maybe I'll pass by here again
And without a doubt, we'll be reunited 
And without a doubt I'll be your every heartbeat
And without a doubt you'll make me very happy
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* the singer is Mexican and this expression is specific to Mexico.
I found this on wordreference:


(fam) (me, te, le etc)
b. (Méx.) (doler) : tu indiferencia le puede mucho: she's very hurt by your indifference; nos pudo mucho la muerte de Julio: we were terrible upset by Julio's death


Me puede

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dowlenon1    Sáb, 01/09/2012 - 23:25

Excellent translation Regular smile

I just want to know about something:

'bidding you farewell' - does it look like 'saying goodbye to you'?

Because I still don't know this expression, and if by any chance it means the same as that, so I would add it to my vocab Regular smile

Vimto12    Sáb, 01/09/2012 - 23:33

Thanks Regular smile
Yeah, 'bidding someone farewell' is a much more formal and posh way of 'saying goodbye to someone' Regular smile

dowlenon1    Sáb, 01/09/2012 - 23:39

Oh, cool Regular smile It explains the reason why I didn't know this expression. Teeth smile Thanks for explaining.