Meg Christian - Turning It Over


Turning It Over

Summer is fading
The wind's a little cold
I, I feel the seasons
As they're turning in my soul
And I 'm feeling kind of lonely
But I'm mainly okay
I'm just all I can handle at the moment
Feeljng my changes
Feeling my pain
Turning it over
Such a relief to let go of the reins
I'm turning it over again
Trying to save you
Trying to please
I nearly tore up your house
Looking for my own keys
Now I clean up all my mess
And I'll go on my way
And I'm all I can take at the moment
Turning the corner
Turning the key
Turning it over
To the one who can run it
Without any help from me
I'm turning it over again
And all these revolutions
Slowly thin me out
And draw me in
Oh, one thing's for certain
One thing's for sure:
I just cannot fight
With anybody anymore
That old righteous anger
Just ate me to the core
And all I have left are these moments
Of turning for comfort (turning for comfort)
Turning to friends (friends)
Turning it over
In taking it back
Then I have to do it all again
And all our revolutions
Slowly thin me out and draw me in
I read the morning paper
I play my guitar
I listen for my music
I wonder how you are
And I'm afraid of my freedom
But my running days are done
For I've got to sit still in my moments
Sitting through changes (in my moments)
Sitting through pain
Look in the mirror and
Finding a friend
Turning it over
Takes so much practice
But it's making me sane
So I'm turning it over
And over, and over
Again and again
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