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My angel

When the moonlight softly breaks, silvery-gray, onto the dark clouds,
It looks beautiful, this sea, but the appearance is deceptive, you are too heavy
They can no longer bear you
Can no longer bear you
You were an angel, you are an angel
You simply change fronts
Heaven drives you into a corner
Now you are here with me
When the silver breeze of the moon bathes the firmament in melancholy
You lie down here in my arms
You whisper my name trembling
They couldn't bear you any longer
Couldn't bear you
For you have lied to yourself
Flown away from yourself
Since I was thrown into life
You were always there for me
You stood silently in my shadow
You waited, felt
That I can't cope without you
You banished yourself
And used my thanks
for your protection as the fall of man
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Mein Engel

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