Miley Cyrus - Rooting For My Baby


Rooting For My Baby

[Verse 1]
When you wake in the morning and I can tell it’s not your best side
No good morning today
I stay to the right if I know you’re mad
You’re on the left side, stay out of your way
Just hold on
In a minute it’ll be over and gone
Gone gone gone gone
I know, I know
That you go through a lot
I know, I know
That the pressure makes you hot
See I know, I know
‘Cause you still know what you got
I know, I know yeah
Uuu uuu
I’m rootin' for my baby
Uuu uuu
[Verse 2]
If you were here
I’d get your beer and I would hang your clothes
You wanna be home
So you roll up your sleeves and you sweat and breathe
This is a long road, so much more to go
[Verse 3]
See I’ve been dreamcatchin'
I thought that this is everlasting
Life boy with you means love and laughter
Happily ever after
I’m rootin' for you, baby
I’m rootin' for my baby
But you go through a lot
The pressure makes you high
You still know what you got
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Songwriters: Williams, Pharrell L / Cyrus, Miley



RadixIce    Vie, 18/10/2013 - 06:23

Anladim. Ama ben arayainca bunu bulmusdum

ertan.ergenekon.9    Sáb, 16/11/2013 - 20:58

Sesiyle oynanmış sesi bozulmuş videoları yüklemeyin lütfen.Cd kalitesi olsun yakışmıyo.

Alma Barroca    Sáb, 16/11/2013 - 21:20

What do you mean? I don't understand Turkish and GoogleTranslate implied that you told the submitter of the lyrics not to add videos with distorted audio quality.

Can you please write in English, if you know this language?

RadixIce    Dom, 17/11/2013 - 10:34

Ne yani sorun bu mu? Ben burda sorun göremiyorum. Size gereken sözler video değil. Ben napayım youtube öylesini verdi.