Moja je pjesma lagana (traducción al Inglés)

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My song is slow

Our street is sad since you are not there,
because sad songs are sung by those who remain,
we dreamt the same dreams, had the same hopes,
others have led the game, and stole the dreams.
I'm not sorry that you left, I know you had to,
it only hurts, little one, that you never called,
I wouldn’t have told you to stay, I would not even try,
I wouldn’t tell you I love you, just- take care.
My song is slow, easy,
and to be quietly sipped,
quite easy and without question,
why you left.
When you go destroy the bridges, delete traces,
the song remains for me, to calm me,
we dreamt the same dreams, had the same hopes,
I couldn’t gather the courage to decide.
Publicado por astyriaastyria el Dom, 06/02/2011 - 10:39
Comentarios del autor:

Second line is not correct, should be:
"...jer tužnu pjesmu pjevaju, oni što ostaju,..."

Moja je pjesma lagana