Galena - Na liniya (На линия) (traducción al Inglés)

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You're looking for something to grab you
you shoot... and (it doesn't matter) where it falls...
You want some kind of intrigue, so there, you have it.
Come on, do it with some other girl.
Shoot, you're doing me a favor.
It's no use in (me) being jealous.
Many greetings!
Online* or on two, with or without me...
Online, you don't want a little, you want me exactly.
Touch me, but without hands, you know me by taste.
I'm punishing you now for all before and after me...
Touch me...but without hands...
You know me...
Download/Take off/Undress! They fall in seconds..
They don't need clothes when they're with you.
You want some kind of intrigue, there, you have it.
Do it, I'll leave you with it (it = intrigue)
I'll amuse myself with someone..
I'm giving you a reason to be jealous.
Are you online?
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Comentarios del autor:

I think this song is about a girl who is either in a relationship with a guy who chats online, and/or she is one of the girls he chats to. Anyhow, they had something physical before, which the chorus shows. The guy is looking for something to excite him, so he's randomly picking a girl to hit on online (whether on Facebook or somewhere else, it doesn't say, but online). When she says "Shoot" she means "pick any girl", and then she's saying that he's doing her a favor, and he is - by doing that she can see his true colors. "It's no use in (me) being jealous." - this can indicate she's not in a relationship with the guy or that a person shouldn't be jealous of virtual people.

* - Chorus: На линия - It means online, and this song is about that, about flirting online. However, it can take another meaning - it can refer to the lines cocaine addicts make before sniffing them in.

"Touch me, but without hands." - When chatting online people cannot touch each other with their hands. They can only click on each other lol. Also, the one who consumes cocaine doesn't touch the drug with hands.

"you know me by taste" - this indicates that she had something physical with the guy. This part also alludes to drugs.

2nd verse - "Сваляй! Падат за секунди.." About him either having cyber sex with girls, or downloading porn...


Na liniya (На линия)

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