Nevesta Poloza (Невеста Полоза) (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Melnitsa (Мельница)
  • Canción: Nevesta Poloza (Невеста Полоза) 6 traducciones
  • Traducciones: Francés, Inglés #1, #2, #3, Portugués, Transliteración
traducción al InglésInglés

Serpent's fiancee

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Oh, that's not just a dust creeping along the forest road
Oh, don't go there, don't be looking for trouble, girl
Don't play with magic
Turn your eyes away from it
Snakes are getting married there
Hold me close to you
Put me to our bed with silk sheets
Show me your love, give me a kiss
Just don't let me go to the well alone
You couldn't see a danger, facing this challenge without fear
'From now on you're the one of us, it's only your fault, my dear!
Can you see the thick fog covering the glade
The serpent king is expecting you there
You're engaged to be married to him'
I'll hardly ever find a magic potion
And i can't look at you through my golden eyes
My body is covered with snake scales now
So I have to leave my home
And follow snakes
Under the bed curtain I can hear the serpent's hiss
I can see his hungry golden eyes looking for me
He is calling me
'My dear, come down to me,
Let me hug you and take you in my 33 coils!’
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Nevesta Poloza (Невеста Полоза)