No Sé Mañana (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

I Know No Tomorrow

Of one thing I´m sure
Today I don´t feel the same
At times I doubt if my heart
Made you fall into a dark abyss
Of one thing I´m sure
Youré no longer the ghost
That was prowling around me making a passageway
Where every second I was thinking of you
I don´t feel the call of your skin
I´ll no longer end up with skin in flames
I know no tomorrow, I know today and
Today it´s not love, it´s not tenderness
It´s not hatred nor bitterness
Today I´ve left you, bordering insanity
Today it´s not passion that I feel
It´s not pain, nor torment
Today I´ve left you and between tears
I see heaven ripping apart
Of one thing I´m sure
You don´t know what you feel
But you don´t want the sea to take me
In case you lose me among the current
Of one thing I´m sure
Ours is in your dreams
and your afraid to face the truth
In case you discover I don´t want you this way
I feel no desire to fight for you
You no longer leave me to die inside
I leave you the call of my skin
While you decide wether or not, I leave you
And I don't lie to you, I know I feel that
Today it´s not love, it´s not tenderness…
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No Sé Mañana