Antique - Opa Opa (Ώπα ώπα) (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Opa, opa

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From among your loose hair
Your glance hurts me so much
You say you decided to leave
You want to avoid the past
However stop, wait a bit
Get back and don't look ahead of you
Stop, wait a little bit
I want to tell you something
And after that - good-bye.
Opa, opa, opa, opa
I love you, even though I haven't said it
Opa, opa, opa, opa
Even though we're not like before
Now you're turning your back on me
You think it will be easy for you to leave
You took the wrong path again
You should know that it will take you nowhere
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Opa Opa (Ώπα ώπα)