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bayad toro peyda konam I have to find you
shayad hanoozam dir nist maybe it's not late yet
to sade del kandi vali taghdir bi taghdir bi taghsir nist you gave up easily but the destination is not faultless too
ba inke bi tabe mano bazam mano khat mizani though you are restless for me, still you draw a line on me (you put me aside)
bayad toro peyda konam to ba khodet ham doshmani I have to find you, you are enemy even with yourself
ki ba ye jomle mesle man mitoone aroomet kone? who can make you feel calm only with a sentence as I do?
on lahze haye akhar az raftan pashimoonet kone? (who can) change your mind about leaving at the very last seconds (as I do?)
degiram az in shahre sard I'm sad of this cold city
in koche haye bi obor (I'm sad of) these banned alleys
vaghti be man fekr mikoni when you are thinking about me...
hes mikonam az rahe door I feel it from very away
akhar ye shab in gerye ha soye cheshamo mibare these cries would make my eyes blind one night(some day)
atret dare az pirhani ke ja gozashti mipare your smell comes from your clothing which you left
bayad toro peyda konam har rooz tanhatar nashi I have to find you in order not to let you get more lonely by day
razi be ba man boodanet hatta az in kamtar nashi in order not to let you get tired of being with me more than this
peydat konam hatta age parvazamo par par koni (I have to find you) even if you destroy my flight
mohkam begiuram dasteto ehsasamo bavar koni (I have to find you) to hold your hands very tight to make you believe my feelings
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Taghdir تقدیر