Gackt - Orenji no taiyou (オレンジの太陽) (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Orange Sun

In the evening I saw you
The orange sun
You looked like you were about to cry
Eternal goodbye
The sparkling waves played with your innocent profile
You are lovely as you run through the sandy beach
Your name written in the sand and the shells decorating it
Are swept away by the waves in front of us
The blue sky whispers, the red evening embraces us
I close my eyes as I hold you close
A great number of joys and sadness
Countless meetings and farewells
It’s gently watching the same as in those days
The orange sun
At that time, we dreamed of eternity
Like we’d never part, we held each other and laughed
I think of you in near amazement
I’m satisfied with that much
Don’t cry, we’ll always meet again
If you can close your eyes…
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Orenji no taiyou (オレンジの太陽)