MakSim - Oskolki (Осколки) (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés


I'm not capable of loving you
I'm capable of wanting you
Being eternally with you
Lying perfectly to you
Being eternally with you
Without crossing your sight
I can't wait for you
According to others, I'm faithful to you
You love the debris
It only takes to worry a little bit
How much does it take for my soul
To give itself away to you
But what if
I felt bad again,
I know how much I always
Have fear of dreaming
And you're loving the debris
But what's all about them
Hold my hand
And welcome the dawn
Hold my hand
Hello, morning!
A note and a powder
It was wonderful, I'm sorry!
I'm not capable of loving you
That can be even simpler
I dance until the complete darkness falls
A thing you're still not capable of.
Covering the silence of waves,
Enchanting the world with beauty,
I could be better,just as a proof
And killing myself just like that!
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Oskolki (Осколки)