Out of This World

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"Out of This World " en letras

If it were enough to love yourself, if it were enough to love
If we changed the things a little bit, nothing giving away what we love
If it were enough to love yourself, if it were enough to love
I would make out of this world, a dream, an eternity.

If it were enough to love yourself, if it were enough to love

Céline Dion - If it were enough to love

Rocket #9 take off to the planet
To the planet
Aphrodite lady seashell bikini
Garden panty

Lady Gaga - Venus

Dance, yes (RedOne)
Love, next
Dance, yes (J.Lo)
Love, next

Shimmy Shimmy yah, Shimmer yam

Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again

So many moments of happiness
so much clarity, so much fantasy
so much passion, so much imagination
and so much love to give till the day comes
so many ways of saying "I love you"
what you give me seems out of this world

Sin Bandera - Que Me Alcance La Vida

Like a maniac
I look at the photo
That you have sent me
You know me

Farruko - Obsessed

If it were enough to love yourself, if it were enough to love
If we changed the things a little bit, nothing giving away what we love
If it were enough to love yourself, if it were enough to love
I would make out of this world, a dream, an eternity.

Céline Dion - If it were enough to love

i still remain an outcast
i remember names
i run at the speed of light

i still remain an outcast
like some voiceless mouths

Eleftheria Arvanitaki - i still remain an outcast

Chino and Nacho, baby
For your entertainment, baby
Romantic, yes
But we're out of this world, out of this world

I'm falling in love ohhhh ouhooo

Chino y Nacho - I'm Falling in Love

Where you at, do you mind if I come through?

[Nelly Furtado]
I'm out of this world, come with me to my planet
Get you on my level, do you think that you can handle it?

Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous

Take me far away, far away from here
Take me there, where you come from
Pull me out of this world where I live
Take me far away, far away from here...

Édith Piaf - Take Me Away

could this be real love that I've been feeling
(When I'm with you) when I'm with you
you know you know you're out of this world, my kind of girl
you knock me out, baby, you knock me out, you knock me out

Afgan - Knock Me Out

And I don’t need nothing, nothing but her
Cause all them other bitches ain’t fucking with her
And the smile on her face make the world a better place
But she out of this world, so we somewhere out in space
Making love like animals, Planet Of The Apes
All night, all morning, too bright, pull the drapes

Joe Jonas - Just İn Love

I know you love the way I bounce it up and down
Got you saying turn that ass around, look back at it
This booty got you higher than the clouds
Looking like you hittin' on some loud, get good with it

Gimme the high, gimme the ride

Jessica Jarrell - Gravity

She is out of this world
I dont know but she is involved with me

and she is obessesive
Addicted to my flow, my fanatic
with her nice face

Arcángel - Mi Fanatica

She's out of this world, how she can look!
I'm caught, I'll finally talk to her today!
SHE! Is out of this world, IS LOOKING! How she can look AT ME!
I'm caught, I'll finally talk to her today!

Die Ärzte - Fiasco

I am in a place where the sun goes down
It isn’t possible to come back to you
Without you,you and me can’t exist
We are kicked out of this world*
Although i have looked for the happiness during my life
I could never find it**

Mirkelam - I want to be happy

There's something about the sunshine baby (something about it)
I'm seeing you in a whole new light (whole new light)
Out of this world for the first time baby (ohhh)
Oh, its alright (its alright)

Starstruck (OST) - Something About The Sunshine

I can't see your wings, but girl, you're an angel
Oh, my, my angel
You're so out of this world, you're hiding your halo
Oh, oh, my angel
Oh, my, my angel

Prince Royce - My Angel

Every time my life
is cruelly dug
Created a new land
Miraculous and sacred
Each time my dreams
are fires of the wick,

Natalia Oreiro - Value

Me siento como fuera de este mundo y me robaste el alma con un
i feel like out of this world and you stole my soul with a kiss
and u appear in the middle of my dreams and u taught me
to make songs with your kisses your caresses

Kumbia Kings - No Title

All I do everyday is think of you
If I didn't have you, I don't know what I'd do without you,
You have taken over my thoughts
I can't forget of you not even for a moment
And there's nothing else I want than to love you like this

Noelia - Nail your love

First, one smile
Then, almost of a sudden
Our kiss succeeds.
In this endless second,
tossed out of my body and out of this world,
my voice silents.

Ana Moura - First time

Johnny's daddy was takin' him fishin'
When he was eight years old.
A little girl came through the front gate
Holdin' a fishin' pole.

His dad looked down and smiled

Tim McGraw - Don't Take the Girl

It doesn't takes much patience
Eventualy a lot, but a lot of courage
To read again(back) inside the notes
Gotten out like this, from the agreement
I loose you and with you the afternoon
To understand the difference

Anna Oxa - The difference

(Digiri dap dap dap)
In continuation

This is a true story
(Digiri dap dap dap)

Gotay El Autentiko - Our Thing

what do i want from this world , except a simple love
(i want her) to stay with me , even that is out of my league

when i wake up in the morning , i see ... oh wow how much Snow!
i want to have snowball fight , how much playing alone is bad

Sina Hejazi - Good night

Sweeter than ice cream, stronger than a gunshot
I'm like a dream, you can't control me
And when you wake up you can't forget me
Spatial (out of this world) like a rocket, I go like a crazy man
And when I put on music the whole building dances
I've been on the scene for a lifetime before you were born

Jovanotti - The Large Fish

For a minute
I'd think clear (I love you so much)

Baby I'm feeling so out of this world,
Baby with your I'm a different girl
Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh you're my future love.

Lady Gaga - Future Love

Man.. man... rocket man... man... man...
Rocket man... man... man.... rocket man... man...
Rocket man... rocket... rocket... rocket... rock... rock... rock... rock...

Oh-oh... ah...
Oh-oh... ah...

Dima Bilan - Rocket Man

i don't care what you say
i'll pack my things and say goodbye
i'll greet you farewell
i've chosen another path
i'm tired of trying for an empty cause
that's why i'll hit the road...

Professional Sinnerz - Say Whatever You Want

ask the soul to come inside

Please don’t let the dawn come again
I’m out of this world now because of the feeling of falling in love
The kind wind
shares warm love in the cold rain

Sally Yeh - Dawn, please don’t come

I can't remember
What happened in September
When everything is gone
When it's dark and I'm alone

The Living Tombstone - September

with gold in our hands

Here we stand, bound forevermore
we're out of this world, until the end
Here we are, mighty, glorious
At the end of the rainbow

Hammerfall - At The End Of The Rainbow

the DJ got crazy again
he has chosen again something out of this world
I'm dancing without stoping and ur look
is saying only "uuu very cool"
and everything around me is hot
I'm closing eyes but still feeling how

Nevena - Very cool

Late at night
When it's dark
And the world's asleep
From the bottom
Of my heart

Cody Simpson - Crash

Kingsize is the rhythm of the party, now everybody
Look good, the music in the club rocks. I want to
F*ck all the out-of-this-world cool babes, Im
Very horny for all
physicists,biologists,students, perverse

King Size - king size party

Oh I'll steal you for me,
You'll only be my woman.

But if I'm going out of this world I won't go like this,
Baby, you'll have to conquer me,
To take me to the stars,

Banda Uó - Rose

You gotta know about it too,
Firstly, I am self-sufficient,
And, also,
With my out of this world talent
I don't pressure anyone.
And even if that word

Anton Zacepin - Only Gubin is Smaller in Height

and everything that lay in the palm of life's hands

This mode is incredible
It's out of this world
Too bad I must always leave it
But that's life

Slipknot - Gently

We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't dance
And if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine.

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

If it was rainin' gold I wouldn't stand a chance
I wouldn't have a pocket in my patched up pants
No matter how I struggle and strive
I'll never get out of this world alive.

Hank Williams - I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive

My, my, my butterscotch, butterscotch
My butterscotch, butterscotch

Pop rocks, lemon drops, rolling in my T-tops
Sugar rush, touch the stars
Dry eye, delight, dancing by the night light

Ke$ha - Butterscotch

If all you do is sleep all day
you can expect nothing but a dream,
everybody that had got anything
out of this world they had to go out
plan, plot and scheme

Bobby Blue Bland - The Right Place At The Right Time

You're number one you're in the race
You're a leader
Girl you're out of this world I can't see ya
And now you got a place in my heart
It's funny how you actually went

N-Dubz - Number One

The legend tells a story
Of a man who challenged nature
He built his dream
But he didn't respect the rules

I will escape out of this world

Unheilig - Ikarus


You’re out of this atmosphere, out of this world premiere
Out of control, swerving, catch me or I’m outta here
Helicopter spinning, got me falling from the top

Travis Garland - Where To Land

Earth shaking
Ground breaking
Blast to the roof zoom zoom
That's what I'm saying
This girl That boy taking over the world
Jordyn Carson Hasn't anybody heard

Carson Lueders - Take Over

Hey-hey, yea-yea-yea-yeah,
Hey-hey, yea-yea-yea-yeah,

I'm likin' this techno girl,
She's takin' me out of this world,
She's got me hooked on a look and I'm ready to blow,

Jedward - Techno Girl

It was cloudy on that night
There were no stars in sight
Then the planets all aligned
When i saw her eyes

One look that's all it took

Jonas Brothers - Out Of This World

Feel so good I feel so fine
Love that little lady always on my mind
Gives me lovin' every night and day
Never gonna leave her, never goin' away

Someone to love me

Black Sabbath - Sabbra Cadabra

Speeder, Speeder
G-forces bite to the bone

Out of this world you are racing
Into an asteroid belt
Challenges of death you are facing

Sabaton - Speeder

So reverse your words, get to the start
And switch back to my world

You're out of this world I'm sure of it
A little more than different
And you keep lacking, lacking concern of it

Ashley Tisdale - Switch

A sighing sound, who is lamenting
It could not be the wind that have blown open the door and window
It could not be me, for I am still living in your decade
It is there, I could not get in, I could not get out

Who is impersonating you to talk love

MoMo Wu - To Come Uninvited

Live in this moment that we're together
Stay for a minute, because I only live for this
And if you don't love me and you don't care about me,
Don't scatter the hope, don't ruin it for me

And promise that you'll remember me,

Nikiforos - Promise

We're sailing on the oceans of time

The dust turned to stone, and the black moon touched the dawn
As we tried to get out, of this world of burning fear ooooooh

Seven wonders, and we're ready to fly

Axel Rudi Pell - Oceans of Time

She's knocking at my door
That little angel knows the score
She's knocking at my door
But I won't let her out no more

I want a piece of that pie

Scorpions - She's Knocking At My Door

Break thy silence oh grey, turbulent sea!
Impart thy secrets, whisper them to me
My eyes are focused out of this world
Where three hundred voices sing of glories old...
Drakkars in the mist
Vikings are sailing to plunder in the East!

Folkearth - Drakkars In The Mist

No one ever thought this one would survive
Helpless child, gonna walk a drum beat behind
I lock you in a dream, I never let you go
I never let you laugh or smile, not you.

Well, I just want to walk right out of this world,

The Ramones - Poison Heart

haaa haaa
its Zikey

Many roses for you Xhensila

Xhensila Myrtezaj - Give me your Hand

could this be that real love I've been feeling
(when I'm with you) when I'm with you
you know you know you're out of this world, my kind of girl
you knock me out, baby, you knock me out, you knock me out

Afgan - Knock Me Out

I woke up this morning with a buzz rollin' 'round in my brain
I haven't been drinkin' but it feels pretty good just the same
It must be contagious-looks like it's goin' around
It's cool once you catch it-you can't keep your feet on the ground
C'mon, c'mon-let's get something started
C'mon, c'mon-let's start something now

Shania Twain - Rock This Country!

(Dihiri dap dap dap)
To continue

This is a true story
(Dihiri dap dap dap)

Gotay El Autentiko - Our Thing

There where the skies are always blue

Why don't they take me out of this world

And let me find my sunshine with you

Willie Nelson - Some Other World

Don't feed me with your lies
Why you deny - crucified
You deny - crucified
Out of this world's demise

Realize - realize

Soulfly - I And I

I'm logged out of this world
I can't breathe well and tomorrow is invisible
Followers keep increasing
My heart that was saved by the night
Made me cry all alone

Leo Ieiri - Reaching for you

Take your clothes off while your on top of me
Then we'll switch I'll be on top off you making love to you how you like it
Get undressed, let me see the silhouette of your body while I eat you completely
You have the recipe, it's just your so flirty and beautiful it's out of this world
I'm dying, I just wanna wake up in the morning with you next to me
Take you some breakfast to bed

Farruko - Far Away

The ferryman brings me in the moonlight
through dark water, completely secretly,
out of this world, I lay as though dead
Only he and I and this boat

Letzte Instanz - Ferryman

Woe is me
A dream, that never ends
Woe is me
Throws me out of this world
Woe is me
You are the beauty, that dazzles me

Schöngeist - Woe!

It's a destiny
that I don't want to change,
for your love
I make a mess out of this world, searching for you...

If it would take me an entire life

Keo - To be with you

Tonight I demand you, I don't have anything but you
I don't hide behind anyone, tell me he's not there
I know that between us, the strongest is always you
but give me this sweet death, I don't live anymore anyway
I feel like we're looking for each other
it's useless that you say no

Raf - I demand you

I'm not gonna worry wrinkles in my brow
'Cause nothin's ever gonna be alright nohow
No matter how I struggle and strive
I'll never get out of this world alive.

Steve Earle - I'll never get out of this world alive

I'm drawing your steps
to bring you back, portrayed beside me.
entangled in something so deep
in and out of this world
I'll always wait for you

Sie7e - Meanwhile

Gaia Piá means boy of the field
Gaia gaia pia oh girl go back to the field
Gaia Piá means boy of the field
Gaia gaia pia oh boy go back to the field

I already left the great Babylon

Gaia Piá - Gaia Piá

Someone said he gave his soul
To the king of where hell fires burn
And he got the blues in return

A crossroad midnight rendezvous
For a slice of the fortune and fame

Nightingale - 27 (Curse or Coincidence)

You're out of this, out of this world
Out of this world, you're out of this
Out of this world, out of this world
You're out of this world, this world

Neon Hitch - Out Of This World

And I'll go crazy
Youre the definition of perfect
Always have good times with you and dont need to turn off the lights
Youre out of this world
Dont think about and just

J Álvarez - Act

Don't you wanna be automatic
Don't you wanna live automatically
Say you wanna
Say the word

Don Broco - Automatic

Like in an old movie
Long before my time
The first glimpse of you
Took me out of this world
I was beside myself
Felt like I was close to the sky

Basim - Wonderfully Strange

Ginger, ginger, what do you regret?
That ginger head
You look like a monkey

There are women who keep quiet and women who lie
There are women who shout and talk on and on

Harlej - Ginger, ginger

And gave me everything I ever wanted

If you ask me my love, I said "if"
I will say 2 words to you...something else[fn] He means that it's out of this world, something amazing[/fn]
Your love is....something else
The "I love you" is something else

Xristos Andrianos - Something Else

Swallowed by a blackened pearl
Waiting for an answer, to unfurl
Everything wer’e hiding from
We can’t deny we are soldiers
Out of this world

Alannah Myles - Alibi

I tried to sail away,
But the waves keep bringing me back,
And for the reasons out of this world
I am sublimely drawn to you

Stray Dogg - Sail Away

eoh-le-le~~ almost crossed the line
I didn't know you're a 3rd year in high school
only one year later it will be okay
Don't you also like oppa*? that's correct? right?

how many times did we meet with me not knowing?

EZ-Life - 3rd year in high school

Now I know that this time I lost the game
The end arrived.
And I know there is no solution
I'll look for a reason to walk out of this world without you

Without you, without you,

Jennifer Serrano - Without you

(I just got your messages)
Every morning I wake up to the same sweet sound
Picking up my cell phone that’s been ringing

Wondering what’s new? What have I missed?
I was offline

Han - Mysterious Messenger

My balls are thicker than my legs
Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit
But I shit you not
I know you'll scream when I show you my balls
They are so heavy, they help me stay on the ground
Your balls are just dead flesh

Sido - Balls

Cause it's the funniest feeling
So let's slip inside
Out of this world
Out of this life
Cause this place called home
Is no longer mine

Villagers - Occupy Your Mind

I am a monkey in your garden
I am the fire sliding on the ice
I am the plague breathing from the Chochoł*
Out of this world, from this world - Żywiołak.
I am a demon of many faces
A proud, dreaming Sarmatian

Żywiołak - Żywiołak

Tell me, that you heard about me,
Tell me, that you thought about me
It's different like this, isn't it and the imagination reflects another
In life everything is different.

Anything I have done,

Lola (Hungary) - The most beautiful day

I will come to your wedding, my love
And I won't ask anything from you
But please ask your god-parents to let me
Sing at your wedding, leru-i ler [1]

Carol-singer without a home

Ștefan Hrușcă - At your wedding

out of mourning, out of purdah, out on bail,
out of kilter, out of grace,
out to get out of this place,
out of this world, out and out beyond the pale.

Right out of character, out of sympathy,

Peter Hammill - A Way Out

Your sunglasses make me shake every time they hide you
Your sunglasses made me feel out of this world
When you look at me, my body shrinks and I turn into a little girl
When you look at me, I'm trapped in your world and I feel different

Your sunglasses make me small and I don't know what's going on

Shakira - Sunglasses

I’ll shout it from the highest mountain
There’s nothing greener for miles around
Drinking the water from the fountain
I’ll celebrate the desire I found
Let me off high touching the sky
I’m going your way every day

Sharon D. Clarke - Awesome

Tell me
do you want me
Or do you want me to be
Out of this world

This feeling is crazy

Iwan Rheon - Ar Dân (On fire)

We'll take off, out of here.
We'll take off, out of here.

Our love's out of this world, with our love on fire we can burn the sun.
Spend eternity together.

Rozhden - Saturn

Your body is covered in fur... you're beautiful.
You're in and out of this world... you're beautiful.

Your skin is scarred and you hurt... you're beautiful.

Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of Shadows - Beautiful

I thought that I knew,
What the game was about
But what we're experiencing now,
Is out of this world

Giorgos Mais - The (Midas) Touch

You light them up better then Krisko[fn value="1"]Reference to Krisko's song Vidimo dovolni. However, in Krisko's song "palim" could mean either "We light a cigarette" (or whatever else of the kind) or "start the car." But in this song "light them up" basically means "turn them on"[/fn]
Women stick to you like duct tape
You want to be the director of my movie
You can deceive even a lie detector
But whether you're bitter or busy
I need to make an appointment with you

Desi Slava - You better not make a mistake

What y'all niggas want? Go get your set
Make y'all pussies run, Load up my Tek
Attack like lions, Go straight at the neck
Hyena niggas down, My paws on they chest
Show you canines before we tear in your flesh

Killah Priest - Osirus Eyes

Yeah, more, yeah

More time with family and friends, more life
More time to get it right

Drake - Two Birds, One Stone

Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
Well, can you put your hands in your head? Oh no!
I said dreamer, you're nothing but a dreamer
Well, can you put your hands in your head? Oh no!
I said "Far out! What a day, a year, a laugh it is!"
You know... Well, you know you had it comin' to you

Supertramp - Dreamer

I'm living right next door to an angel
And I just found out today
I'm living right next door to an angel
And she only lives a house away
She used to be a skinny little girl
But all of a sudden she's out of this world

Neil Sedaka - Next door to an angel

There is nothing but mist in my lungs
And tar in my veins
I'm out of this world
Something went wrong
Something went just bad

Miserere Luminis - The Mist

We'll go up! Up! Up! Up!
Straight to the moon, we two
We'll be high in the starry blue
I'll be out of this world with you

So away we steal in a spacemobile

Dinah Washington - Destination Moon

Ah ha, so you think I kinda like you
Think you can get me I think so yaya
I toss and turn in bed all night
Splashing across the sea of imagination
Liar liar liar, oh it can’t be
Liar liar liar oh oh

Oh My Girl - Liar Liar

No one ever thought this one would survive
Helpless child, gonna walk a drum beat behind
Lock you in a dream, never let you go
Never let you laugh or smile, not you.

Well, I just want to walk right out of this world,

HIM - Poison Heart

This tonight is not a party but a safari
I'm on the prowl for unique male specimen
Who's gonna get burned by my kisses?
Hey, is it going to be you? [fn value="1"]Ти ли си това? literally means Is that you? but here in can be interpreted the other way[/fn]
Hey, is it going to be you, baby?
Hey, is it going to be you?

Raina - Safari

Climb up
Way up high
Climb up
Way up high
Climb up
Way up high

Neil Sedaka - Stairway to Heaven

Pillars of the world fall down
As the sky once bright as a million suns
Shatters like a planet into dust
Darkness slipping from outer space...

I have seen what no eyes could see

Miserere Luminis - Birth Of New Ages

Thanks so much
For a beautiful night
That's ok
I hope you get back alright
In fact
It's pretty dark

Dodie - A Permanent Hug From You

I know (that) she is in a better place
Where there is no abuse, out of this world
I want to find a way so I can
Talk to her, tell her that

Here, everything is worse, that just like her

Panda - The Unblessed don't cry

What's happened to me this time
Really don't know what to do
Was called out by a boy
From a little down the street

He asked me: do you feel like

Rachel Traets - Never, Nooit

You're out of this world
Never where you should be
As if you are always somewhere else
Here's the punishment for your lack of attention

Just kiss her

Pauline (Denmark) - Kiss Her

Dreams scattered like spray
Were our castles built on sand?
The waves of life rise high
A fool who trusts love blindly
Nothing lasts forever, only change
Like the tides it sets the pace

Saltatio Mortis - At a Crossroads

I bid you farewell
to never again.
I defeated your memories,
I lost your charms,
discreet charms.

Jorge Lazaroff - It won't be zambas

Yes, I'm special
So they all wanna jump on my vessel
You ain't ever gonna get another big Fris
I am out of this world, I'm an extraterrestrial
Tell a man don't get disrespectful
You will get quake, fam I don't wrestle

Frisco - Different Kind

Chased you out of this world, didn't mean to stop
I turned around and suddenly you where gone
Like some bird from paradise, the fire and ice
We turned around and suddenly you where gone, gone, gone
And now summer burns a hole inside and years are golden once again

Simple Minds - Street Fighting Years