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Idiomatic translations of "Overall"

By and large

Meanings of "Overall"


Në përgjithsi

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Please "write" your explanation, simply putting "..." is not an explanation. - phantasmagoria Hace 1 año

Taking everything into account, to summarize all the parts as a whole.

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"Overall" en letras

Bad Bunny - Mia (ft. Drake) [Video Version]

I want to take photos and go viral (hah)
Your eyes concentrate me like adderall (woo)
With you, I get the overall (yeh)
I touch you and throughout the world stops spinning (woo-woo)

Kaz Hawkins - Surviving

Survivor of a false love
A human of a hushed up world
Survivor overall
Surviving isn't for you for

Bad Bunny - Mia

Quiero tirarnos fotos y que se hagan viral (hah)
Tus ojos me concentran como aderall (woo)
Contigo me sube el overall (yeh)
Te toco y en to' el mundo deja de girar (woo-woo)

Skálmöld - Odin

I am Odin, I am Odin,
I am the one who reads the poems,[fn]I think this implies that Odin (i.e singer Björgvin Sigurðsson) is the one who narrates the overall story of this album.[/fn]
Hilmar Baldursson.

Stromae - I'm Running

It's good, what you've done
So they retain something of you
But overall, not what you were like
Moreover, I don't have luck

Mamta Sharma - With Fevicol

We will persuade a girl by missed call
Using bat-ball, By going to cinema hall
Oh by taking her to marriage hall, overall..
I will stick your photo to my chest using Fevicol.

Bad Bunny - Mine

I want to take pictures of us so they go viral
Your eyes make me concentrate like Adderall
With you I buckle my overall
I touch you and even the earth stops spinning

La Mosca - So I won't see you anymore

I'm going to light It up
Without worry about anything else
Overall It's too late to return
It's too late to dream

Efi Gjika - Barbie (Junior Eurovision version)

I don't want to follow you,
Why you call me barbie doll?
I'm a smart girl overall</em>

Efi Gjika - Barbie (Junior Eurovision version)

I don't want to follow you,
Why you call me barbie doll?
I'm a smart girl overall

MBAND - Little Thread

The wind will come in the morning and will rip the net: it'll move us to different corners. Heaven looks at us with its all-seeing eyes
I have nothing to ask of, only
Everything is fine and smooth with me, overall, only -

Sarit Hadad - Sit Down

I can't believe it
It's possible that I was wrong
And overall that's not how it should be
That you're there without me, you're there without me

Chayanne - I Love You

In my life you are the language of my life on this earth

Overall I love you, in total simplicity I would

Bigflo et Oli - Liar

No ethics, he's getting worse, it's pathetic
He could say that his mom's dead, for a bag of potato chips!
Seems like he is an overall champion
Like he's the third brother, of Bigflo & Oli!

Juan Andrés y Nicolás Ospina - Comme il est difficile de parler espagnol

et avec les jeunes de ton quartier tu sors pour "hanguear"
Et la gloriette est un "romboy"[fn]roomboy,garçonnière[/fn]
et tu t'habilles avec un"overol"[fn]overall,un bleu de travail[/fn]

Oum Kalthoum - The Nile Poem

from the unceasing sweet springs.
You keep your promises and honestly flow according to loyalty orders.
From your hands, the valley accepts such a decent, abundant life, overall.

Mamta Sharma - Fevicol Se

Londiyaa pataaenge miss-call se
Bat ball sey, Cinema-hall sey,
Arrey marriage-hall sey, Overall sey
Tere photo ko seeney mein yaar chipkaa loonga main Fevicol sey

Sexion d’Assaut - I have no love (Money)

Mr. Diallo
Your child has the abilities
Overall it means he sucks
But less than other unnamed class

Oxxxymiron - Tumbler Toy

I go straight through as usual, only without close and loved ones,
Socks on the jaw are even handy since you don't have to be something in quotation marks,
Here's free floating, you reached the land and only your heel's bleeding[fn]Allusion to Achilles' heel, which is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can lead to downfall.[/fn],
There are hidden underwater rocks everywhere, but I've heard that constant dropping wears away a stone,

Natasja - Calabria 2007

'Cause I know you're the talk of the town, yeah

Best shown overall, shiny and tall,
One touch make a gal climb whoever you are,