A Paean to the Goddess (traducción al Gaélico (Gaélico Escocés))

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A Paean to the Goddess

O Mother of all things
Peace be upon thee
Watch over our humble Earth
In both trial and prosperity
You seek not obedience nor strife
But the betterment for all life
We see you in the skies aloft
And o'er the hills and mountaintops
Etched upon clouds and summit heights
Your countenance gleaming ever so bright
We hear your whispers in the air
Echoing the wisdom of the ages
A hymn to relieve all despair
Our croon to our restlessness
We sense your heartbeat upon verdant fields
Over living ground our bare footsteps tread
To you we acknowledge, we appreciate thee
O Guardian of Life from beginning to end
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This is a poem I had been working on for months. The inspiration for posting it here came from TrampGuy, so many thanks to him.

traducción al Gaélico (Gaélico Escocés)Gaélico (Gaélico Escocés)
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Ealaidh dha'n ban-dia

A Mhàthair nan dùl,
Gum bitheadh ort sìth;
Thoir dìon air ar talamh umhail
An dà chuid fo donas is fo sonas
Chan iarr thu ùmhlachd no strì,
Ach fearrad gach bithe beò air bith.
Chì sinn 'sna speuran arda thu,
Agus gu-h-àrd thar nan cnoc is thar nam beann,
Do ghnùis 'na dealbh 'sna neòil 's air gach sgurr,
'S i 'boillsgeadh, fìor loinreach boidheach.
Cluinnidh sinn do chagar anns an èadhar,
Mac talla do gliocas nan linn
Laoidh a faothaicheas gach uile mìngean,
Ar duan air son ar neo-shocrachd
Bidh sinn 'faireachadh buille do chridh' 'sna cluaintean uain',
Gabhaidh sinn, càs-ruisgt, ceum air talamh beò,
Bidh sinn ag aideachadh dhuit 's 'gad shior- mholadh
'S tu 'ghleidheas1 ar beatha bho thùs gu èis
  • 1. literally: "A neach-ghleidhidh"
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Josh asked me if I could do an Irish translation, but that's probably beyond me. This is a Scottish translation, which later on I can use as a base to try to make an Irish version - that will take me a long time as my Irish is not good (but at least it means I don't have to worry about germanic-celtic grammar and syntax differences at the same time as vocabulary differences) so I hope someone else will jump in and do an Irish version before I do. It's quite a long time since I used (Scottish) Gaelic regularly, so I've got a bit rusty (for example I can't remember any word for "guardian" that I would use in the last line, so it's turned into "it's you who guards our...." and the title has changed from "paean" to "ode") so it probably contains mistakes and I don't think it's a particularly good translation. But I've tried to avoid getting the syllable counts and rythm too different from the English, so that if the poem ever has a tune my translation may just about be singable, which I suppose is something.

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phantasmagoriaphantasmagoria    Sáb, 13/12/2014 - 22:15

Oh this is awesome, thank you for your hard work and contribution. I don't know a lick of Scottish Gaelic, but I can read this out with it in mind now.