Regine Velasquez - Pangako (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés


Ta la la la...
Why is it, that there's sadness in your eyes
Is it because you don't want me with you, my love?
Don't you notice that I have feelings for you
I hope you'll listen to my voice
And now I am uneasy
For my heart is lonely
I hope you take good care of it
And keep in mind one promise
I promise I'll never leave you
I promise I'll never neglect you
I promise you'll no longer be alone
I promise that from now on
The two of us, will be together
What is this feeling I have
Am I falling? Falling in love with you?
Every moment with you is pure happiness
I hope you trust me
Should your feelings ever be true
There's something I want you to know
This heart of mine is wholly yours
I hope you won't forget the promise
Repeat Chorus: (except last line)
The two of us, The two of us
Repeat Chorus
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