Più bella cosa (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Eros Ramazzotti
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Nothing more beautiful

Versiones: #1#2#3
How it started, I do not know
The infinite story with you
You've become my woman
For all my life for me
It takes passion with you
And a bit of madness
It takes thought with you and hence
I work it up from fantasy
Do you remember the time
When I sang to you?
It was an instant thrill
I'll tell you one thing
If you don't already know it:
For me it's still like that
It takes passion with you
We must never be short of it
It takes skill because
I work it up from the heart, you know
Singing of love is never enough,
It will be needed more than that
To tell it to you again
To tell you that
There isn't anything more beautiful
Nothing more beautiful than you
Unique the way you are
Immense when you want to be
Thank you for existing
How come the everlasting need for you
does not pass with the years?
What is that
mystery that you still are
That I carry here inside of me
The moments that I have will be
Those moments that you give me
They will be words but
I work it up from the voice, you know
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Più bella cosa

WolfmystWolfmyst    Vie, 26/09/2014 - 04:25

The 3rd translation is the most accurate