Pierwsza Kadrowa (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

First Cadre

Heart gladdens,
Soul gladdens,
When the First Cadre
Is marching to war.
Ojda, ojda dana,
My lovely Company,
There's nothing better than you,
Though boots with holes in them,
And trousers with patches,
But the First Cadre
Is marching to the cannons.
Ojda, ojda dana...
Though the way to Warsaw
Is so long,
But we'll cope with everything,
If only we stick together.
Ojda, ojda dana...
If we bite
Moskals* on our way,
We'll be kissing
Pretty Warsaw girls.
Ojda, ojda dana...
So stick out,
Raise our heads,
'Cause we are the First
Cadre Company.
Ojda, ojda dana...
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*Moskal - the old form that describes a person from Moscow.


Pierwsza Kadrowa

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