to play it safe

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Idiomatic translations of "to play it safe"

auf Nummer sicher gehen
seine Schäfchen ins Trockene bringen
Biztosra menni
to play safe
to not take any chances
igrati na sigurno
Risk almamak

Meanings of "to play it safe"


To do or say something with caution or regard for the possible problems that might occur.
It is understood that playing it safe in an encounter is using a condom.

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"to play it safe" en letras

Lil Skies - Red Roses

Why you all up in my face like you need a taste
Good designer on my waist, shooters keep the K
I tell them boys to play it safe, don't lay in your grave
I ain't never taking time off, I'm steady grinding

Alan Walker - Are You Lonely

That follows you underneath
I know that you're calling me
I don't want to play it safe
'Cause I don't contend like that

Jessica Mauboy - Fallin'

All my-y-y-y li-i-i-ife
I've been that girl who had to play it safe
So I-I-I-I, I try-y-y-y

Julie Bergan - Arigato

Oh, just tell me what I have to say
I don't really like to play it safe

The Donnybrooks - Old Time Hockey

Now I can see the relevance of playing a good clean game,
And although it seems less fun and to be honest, quite lame,
But kids will learn to play it safe and never get a scratch,
And grow up to get away with murder and never make a pass.

WAR*HALL - Play With Fire

I keep pushing like a tidal, pushing like a tidal wave

I don't know how to play it safe
I like walking on a razor blade

Bebe Rexha - Shining Star

She played with fire while he played inside the rain
She gets so selfish and he was selfless
He played by books, she never liked to play it safe

Marian Hill - Down

You know we could put them all to shame
Now isn't the time to play it safe
Isn't this the reason that you came?

Klee - For Everyone, Who...

Shouts out:
Life's too short...
To play it safe.

Valley Of Wolves - Chosen One

Now I've never been the one to play it safe
I might play a little dirty some day
I'm just following fate they say I'm the chosen one
I know what it takes to be the king

Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy

Yeah, look at us baby, tonight the midnight rules are breaking
There's no such thing as wild enough, maybe we just think too much
Who needs to play it safe in love…
Let's be crazy!

Ivy Levan - 27 Club

You, you try to play it safe
But I am planning my escape.
Yeah, you want your picket fence,
But I can't even pay the rent.

Bad Religion - Better Off Dead

And I'll never make the same mistake
So if you're looking for a patsy
Why not try the entire human race just to play it safe?

Gary Barlow - Jump.

If the thought is terrifying
The risk is really frightening
There’s no need to play it safe
Just take a leap of faith and jump

Shake It Up! (OST) - Roll the Dice

Nothin miss for sure
But life is too short
to play it safe my friend

Scott Forshaw - Now

We've got the world right in our hands
Tell me what's your plan
No need to play it safe
Life's too good to waste

Pontea - What You Don't Know

If you don’t wanna stay by my side
(What you don't know)
Don’t want to play it safe
I need it face to face

Millie Jackson - Bad risk

You’ve got such an honest face
I better run a check on you
To play it safe
You might take my love and do me wrong

Yanka Dyagileva - The Head Rolls Off Downhill...

How many of us are here; and are all going there?
Don’t approach me, I’m contagious, dirty
I’ll cover my mouth with a cloth to play it safe
Wave your hand and you’ll disperse the smoke of my stinky cigarettes

Nicole - The woman in the mirror lives

The woman in the mirror is going
To play it safe now
She will take you to the door