To play truant

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Idiomatic translations of "To play truant"

(Die Schule) schwänzen
ober skol louarn
Hacer novillos
Faire l'école buissonnière
Sécher les cours
To play hooky
Marinare la scuola
fare forca/fare sega/bruciare scuola
panar l'escòla
okulu kırmak
derse girmemek

Meanings of "To play truant"


To not go to school just because you don't want to go. Their were Truant Officers that used to go and get children not in school. The school would call your home if you did not come.

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пропустить занятия (в школе); прогуливать уроки.

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"To play truant" en letras

Skryabin - Places of Happy People

the places of happy people?
Do you remember
the way I used to play truant
only to spend time with you,

Georges Brassens - Tempest In A Stoup

Swiss, beadle, sacristan,
Without latin, without latin,
Will cut church<fn>This is difficult to translate : in France, to say "to play hooky, to play truant, to cut class", we have this funny expression : "faire l'école buissonnière", litterally "to go to the school of bushes". Here, Brassens plays with the expression (like he often does) : "faire l'église buissonnière" would mean "to go to the church of bushes"</fn>
Oh most Holy Mary mother of