Pourquoi tu pleures ? (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Why are you Crying?

Why are you crying?
You can't understand...
Why are you crying?
I need someone to hear me...
She needs to express her troubles
She only needs someone to support her,
She wants to be someone else,
She thinks it's her fault if the world turns without looking,
forgetting to invite her to the dance(1)
Why are you crying?
I'd like to feel beautiful...
Why are you crying?
There's no one who calls me...
She has millions of dreams in her head,
She sees other skies at her window
She's like everyone else her age
She sees a bunch of princes who are on their way and who love her without asking questions
Who make promises and who forget her name...
Why are you crying?
Sometimes I hate myself...
Why are you crying?
It's the only thing I can do...
And you cry but everyone does so,
they've all been alone before...
You're beautiful the way you are,
Happiness is priceless
Why are you crying?
la la la la la la
Why are you crying?
la la la la la la
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Comentarios del autor:

1. Comme une ronde qui l'aurait oubliée...
My friend explained that "ronde" is a dance for several people, and the phrase is basically a metaphor saying that 'someone would have forgotten the girl or the person to go in this dance with the others'. Basically, meaning she's been rejected. So I (or rather, she) translated it in English as "they forgot to invite her to the dance", which I think holds much of the meaning from the French metaphor, but you can take it as you wish.


Pourquoi tu pleures ?

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