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Prince Ali

Spread out
Let us by
And move aside
For the parade
Be the first to see his proud gaze
Make way, sound
Trumpets and drums
You'll be conquered just by seeing him
Prince Ali, the legendary
Ali Ababoua
On your knees, people going mad
Lower your eyes
Stay calm
Give your most humble Salam greeting
And admire his most dazzling entourage
Prince Ali, the very powerful
Ali Ababoua
As strong as ten
Valiant knights, without a doubt
He'll stand up to the barbarians
The czars armed to the teeth
Who will claim victory? It's Prince Ali
He owns seventy-five camels
They're so annoying(1)!
Even more multicoloured peacocks
Wonderful dear, they're so chic!
If we're talking about exotic animals
A guy more than a zoo
Come on
His menagerie beats all the records!
Prince Ali, the charming
(the most charming of all, incredible!)
Ali Ababoua
(Isn't he just terrific?)
That physique, how to say
But take the chance, introduce yourself
(But he's a hero, this boy, what a champion)
Adjust your veil, get ready
(... What passion!)
Come on everyone, cheer for my Prince Ali
(Look at that ego, he knows how to dress!)
He has a hundred Persian monkeys
(All Persians, and all in front of me)
It's free to see them, good people
(He's really so generous)
Slaves, how many servants does he have?
(Proud to be of service!)
They'll compensate for all his whims
To show their loyalty
Prince Ali
Prince Ali
Prince Ali is in love
Ali Ababoua
Your princess, from what we hear
Is rather pretty
And these thieves in doublets(2)
He comes in great embarrassment
With his carriage led by a hundred elephants
His whole menagerie, drums beating
His fakirs, his entourage, his lackeys, his guards
Who sing his dynasty!
Make way, for Prince Ali!
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Comentarios del autor:

(1) "chiant" is a hard word to translate in this context... especially talking about camels. I'm grateful for any better suggestions.

(2) Not sure if I'm correct about "doublet" as I've never heard that word in my life, so...

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Prince Ali (Canadian French) [Prince Ali]