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It's Like A Madhouse

(Hey you!)
Do you know what it means
When you're lost in the deep
In this movie title life
You can act in it too,
But I will make the rules
They make the pawprints move and you do
It's like a madhouse we're livin' in
(Ooh... like a madhouse!) (Hurry, hurry!)
It's like a madhouse we're livin' in
(Ooh... like a madhouse!)
So when you step aside
And see the one inside
What's you and what's your dream?
You may feel insecure, but is it real for sure?
Or are you under [...] fools, oh
It's like a madhouse we're livin' in
Yes, it's real, for sure!
(Ooh... like a madhouse!) (Hurry, hurry!)
Oh, it's like a madhouse! Madhouse!
(Everybody in the house!)
(Hey you!)
(Hurry, hurry! Step right up!)
Oh, oh!
(We have a winner!)
Let me tell you what you get, I'll tell you what you get!
It's like a madhouse we're livin' in!
(Ooh... like a madhouse!)
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Not related to band 'Public Relation' - however, they have used the same alias before.

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