Damien Saez - Putains vous m'aurez plus (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Whores, you won't get me anymore

My friend, take my lantern for I have lost my flame*,
My love is gone,
She has thrown away my soul to feed the nothing, leaving me with an empty heart,
She has turned what's fertile and downpours
Into aridity.
And all the horror of this world doesn't compare
With what love does to those who, in union,
Think they can forget for a while that it is a sad world down here,
And that solitude
Is the last supper here.
She had those black eyes in which you can see some blue,
That you take for the ocean, in which you see God,
That make you touch the horizons with your fingertips,
But in the end,
You're always alone amidst the waves of sobbing and salt in your throat
And salt on the sore of this tattooed heart
Her name you cry out from the bottom of your glasses of wine
Thinking that life,
Indeed, was just a whore.
My friend, look at me, my heart's capsizing,
I've got the memory of her eyes under my skin
And along the harbour, I'm looking for black arts inside the bars
To release my body from the spell that has been cast upon me,
And no, the girls' smile has no more power over me
And I start to believe that the men who fell in love with other men
Have settled the matter, after all, tell me, what do women have that we don't ?
Except this strength with which they forget you,
This horror deep inside them, yeah this monster, screaming when they make love to you,
You know they don't forget that they don't keep their word to nature only.
To all those who are held prisoners in their embraces,
I support them and I feel sympathy for those madmen who, like me,
Won't finish the night,
I'm telling you, whore,
You won't fucking get me anymore !
May I be struck dead right away if I feel like
Putting my head in the snake's mouth again,
Letting my heart be crucified again
For a pretty smile smelling like their flowers.
Daisy or Tulip and from Rose to Lilac
You know, my friend, they're all down here
When they show you the sky and tell you that they love you,
They all smell like
Chrysanthemums** to me.
Farewell good girls,
Farewell crymakers,
Farewell damned souls who have taken my light away from me,
Who have thrown my eyes away into the darkness and yours for the swansong !
And the beauties ?
I wish they would all die !
I can't stand those games that are killing us anymore,
I'm sick of this heart, oh Lord, that is not beating anymore,
And that is always falling in love with fake blondes
Who lead us to the top,
Who drag us to the grave.
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Comentarios del autor:

*flamme = flame, but can also mean love
**symbol of death in the Occidental culture


Putains vous m'aurez plus

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